My very first blog posting! Woohoo! I decided to start up this blog as a way to share in my creative side as well as in my family side! I won’t drone on and on about myself, since that is what my profile is for… so I guess I’ll start off with my Craft Room! It has been in the basement ever since we moved in last October. Don’t get me wrong, I looooved my Craft Room, but I didn’t feel 100% comfortable down there. I’m just not a basement person. I always felt trepid going down there, especially when no one else was home. I really couldn’t tell you why, my basement is the farthest thing from scary… but upstairs is my happy and comfortable place (and it’s also right beside the stove ie my tea). So a couple of weeks ago, during a commercial break on Big Brother, we were all sitting around and discussing how surprising it was that Shyan didn’t ask to have the downstairs bedroom when we moved in. Apparently, she didn’t know that was an option! So she swiftly decided she would love to move down there, and well – you know what that means! I was able to fill the empty room upstairs with my Crafting Space. Haley insisted on moving into Shyan’s old room and I was more than happy to oblige. Here are some pics, what do you think?

Mickaela and Jennifer, note the ribbons are in the correctly colored jars. There will be no red ribbons in this girls pink ribbon jar!

My working area… on the hunt for a round table to go here.

More storage. Each bin has a category 🙂

And the closet! Thanks to Sheldon and Romey for the lovely drawer units, I just love them!

It was a long two days of work completing the “switcheroo”, as we named it, but well worth it! I have a whole night to myself this Thursday night and that is the first place I’m heading when I get home!

In Tupperware news, Lindsay and I had two parties this weekend and had a great time! Our hostess’ did such wonderful jobs in putting out goodies and being active participants in their parties, we couldn’t have been happier. Just love doing this and Lindsay and I work so well as a team together!

So, add me to your favorites, check back every few days and leave me a comment so I know you stopped by! Sorry so long, I had alot to cover!

Thanks for looking 🙂

– Tara

12 thoughts on “Hellooooooooo!

  1. YAY for you and your new blog!!!! I love it!!I love the "switcheroo" craft room!!(and can i just say that you're too damn organized? – JEALOUS! )…can't wait to come over and play in it with you!!heehee…and I'M your first comment…it was meant to be!You're already in my 'favorites'! Have fun blogging, you blogger you…:O)

  2. Excellent job my girl, Mama's so proud of you! Just keep a close eye on your wonderfully organized room when Jennifer is around. She like to leave surprises…BAHAHA!! Have a good day & will see you in a few hours. Love you!

  3. Way to go Tara. I think this is going to be the start of a beautifullllll friendship! looking forward to more posts! fun time last nite. I think its so great if you have a space to really call your own.i'LL GIVE YA A MONTH THEN TAKE A PIC OF THAT ROOM !! MOOOWAAAAHAAABrat

  4. Tara….seriously..you put everyone to shame! Yopu truely are SUPER WOMAN!! Your new room is beautiful and you are truely one of my top 5 in the catagory of.. most creative best scrapper I have ever met! I love looking at your work! Laura

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