Wow, I am excited (and a tad frusterated)!

So I was all ready to post on this blog using my new Netbook! But I am soooo frusterated because it seems that back when we set up our router 2 years ago, we lost the piece of paper with the network key 😦 hopefully we’ll have it up and running by tomorrow or Tuesday

I’ve really been humming and hawwing over this purchase. I wanted a laptop of my own (ie no kids allowed 😉 to put my Ipod songs on. No offense to my dear bf that faithfully adds songs to my Ipod, charging it up anytime I am going to be on any kind of extended drive (so, to work). But I always end up getting a mixture between his playlist faves, ie Kenny Chesney and inevitably, Nick Lachey’s “what’s left of me” and Shyan’s “I’m in Miami trick”, or whatever else is on Hot 103’s hot 5 at 5.

In addition to that, I also wanted it for Scrapbooking, Journalling, Blogging and various other things etc. I’ve waffled between a regular sized laptop and this netbook. The netbook is obviously quite small but since I still have good ol’ 20/20 vision, I figure I’m okay. After a little research, I’ve found that this is just perfect for what I need it for. No more than 1000 songs, and some typing. Now we’ll just have to figure out how to network it to the printer.


So yesterday morning after taking Haley to hockey and dropping the girls off at Mom’s, we decided to stop at the Farmers Market. Johnny likes going to these things. I just like the food, really. I was looking for fresh green beans, but I couldn`t find any. We did however, find fresh buns, pumpkin loaf, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots and corn on the cob!

Then last night, Johnny, Kris and went to Jack’s Bar (aka hole in the wall with really good food) for dinner. I was disappointed that there was no bingo, but we ate a TON. We had a good night, came back to Morris and Johnny and Kris played the Wii for a couple hours.

And TONIGHT, is premiere night. We are watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and then Desperate Housewives…. I`m feeling a bit of a cold coming on, so I think it will be an early night!

What did you do all weekend?

– Tara 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wow, I am excited (and a tad frusterated)!

  1. Yo. bummer about your netbook, but soon enough you'll have your new toy fully operational!…I sure hope you're not getting sick off my vibes from friday night. I was trying to be careful with the covering up coughing, but sometimes these things are just in the air. I sure hope you're feeling better by morning…rest well Cinderella!!:O)

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