Sketches Class…

Here’s why I love em’…

You know how you feel like you’re never really catching up? There’s always so many more pics than completed layouts.

And then you know how when you finally get five seconds to sit down and work on it, and you’re having trouble finding that mojo? That certain something that’s going to capture a moment or memory so eloquently that your family from generation to generation, can appreciate it?

Enter the Scrappin’ Studio’s Sketches classes! I haven’t missed one in about 7 months. In this class, Kim creates three sketches. The only information she gives us is the size and amounts of pics we need. We go to class, pick our own patterned paper, cardstock and embelleshments and the best part? You always leave with three completed layouts. Tell me you’re not going to finish that Family Trip to Disneyworld NOW! Just when you think you couldn’t depict Cinderella’s Castle and Mickey Mouse in any other way possible, Sketches Class to the rescue!

Funny story and reason for this post: Last sketches class, Grams and I were more than halfway to Kim’s when I realized that I left all of the pics for the class in the car. And the car was at St. Vital Mall. It took a little extra planning and careful measuring, but we were able to complete the layouts so that we could just add the pics when we got home.

As promised Kim, here are the completed works!

Subject: Mittens

Subject: Shyan

Subject: Spontaneous Road Trip to Edmonton

And here’s a fun one I thought I’d post before I got too far away from 26. I don’t know that much has changed!

Alright folks, Kim’s next sketches class will be Monday, October 5th – will you be joining me??

– Tara 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sketches Class…

  1. Seriously Tara??Definitely THE BEST shout out EVER! Hello??Thank you for the head swelling boasting about the sketches classes…and your LO's are awesome!! I LUV "be cool"…well, I love them all…so there you have it folks, not only a wonderful friend, an amazing trip planner, but also the best scrapbooking scout in history!!LUV you sista!! ( beaming smile )P.S….Grams is totally gonna smack you with "teacher's pet" for the REST OF YOUR LIFE now!!! bahahaha:o)

  2. hey tara definatly have to agree with eveything u said about kim and sketch classes toally love them and love coming home with 3 comp;eted lay outs definatly see u monday cant wait miss teachers pet layouts look great see u tonight

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