I Believe…

Last night was the CD Release for “I Believe”… an oratorio I performed in based on events that took place during the Holocaust. Composer extraordinaire and my former high school music guru at Miles Mac, Zane Zalis, composed the entire orchestral score and was also the lyricist. We spent 5 months rehearsing, 3 nights a week nearing showtime! It was a huge undertaking (5 years on his part, to be exact) and on May 21st, 2009, we premiered it alongside the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra at the Centennial Concert Hall, under the direction of Alexander Mickelthwaite. It was a magical evening that took something as profoundly unimaginable as the Holocaust, and made it understood by men, women and children of all ages, races and languages.

“I Believe” takes you from Kristallnacht in 1938, through to the disbelief of what was beginning to happen and the race to survive, to the final solution that was decided upon by the Nazi hierarchy and the concentration camps, to the Death Marches, liberation and freedom and finally, with the feeling of unbearable loss and wonder at how and where to possibly start over.

It was a very incredible and moving experience, and I feel honoured to have been a part of it.

So last night, we all reunited for the CD Release that took place at McNally Robinson. We got to sing a few songs again, listen to a few words from Arnold Frieman, a Holocaust Survivor and a chief supporter of Zane’s project, Alexander Mickelthwaite and other noteables – and the best part, finally getting to hear what we sounded like that evening! You’d be surprised at what you don’t hear even through all those rehearsals!

If you’re interested in a copy of this labor of love, please leave a comment on my blog, facebook, or shoot me an email. They’re $20 and worth every penny.

Onto a few other notes, and speaking of guru’s… The lovely Kim of The Scrappin’ Studio had a class on Friday based on Heidi Swapp’s House of Three “Carefree Summer Days” album.. You can just buy it right off the House of Three website… http://houseof3.com/. It was an awesome class and I will post pics of it hopefully next week… I`m not quite done it yet!

I am off this weekend for a long awaited trip to Grand Forks…!!!! It`s our third annual girls trip! This year it is a bit smaller but the fun will continue as per usual! Four glorious days of me time, girl time, family time, shopping time… this girl needs a new wardrobe. Seriously. It is bad. Even getting through this week was difficult. So off I go with high hopes of finding deals!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and hope you have pulled out your turkey eating pants!

I am going to end by taking a cue from my friend Laura from Scrapbooking and ask what you are thankful for? I am thankful for all the conventional things in life, for which I am very lucky to have… but tonight, I am really just thankful that J took my car to wash it, vacuum it and fill the tires with air in anticipation of our trip. Thanks heinz!

..and glad to hear the Hydro strike is over!

– Tara 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Believe…

  1. I love the new layout of your blogg! It's awesome! Today I am truely Thankful for my wonderful hubby, as we celebrate our 10th wedding Anniversary today! I hope you have a great weekend in the States Tara! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Shoulda kept a pair of my maternity pants to match Joey's turkey pants this weekend! ( 2 dinners to go to…)I can't wait to hear your CD!!! I know how special being a part of the "I Believe" production was to you, and I am soooo proud of you for taking the experience to heart the way you did…you are amazing!!Have a fabulous time on your girls trip this weekend…you deserve it!K:O)

  3. Hey Tara Hope you had a super trip to the Us of A, missed you at the crop on Friday nite. we ate well this weekend, no pics of food though, all gone too fast! haha I do love this new look for your blog!brat

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