This weekend was our long awaited weekend to Grand Forks… it’s our third annual girls trip and we go every Thanksgiving Long Weekend! Yay! I shudder at the thought of how much money I’ve spent on girls trips… considering we usually go in the spring, too!

Jennifer, Libby and I left on Friday and made the drive down. We did not see any snow, which we were thankful for because apparently, Winnipeg got quite the storm! We made it to Applebees for dinner, and the traditional late night stop to Wal-Mart on night #1 to stock up on things for the room and fridge.

Saturday, we slept in unintentionally until NOON – crazy! We must have needed that sleep! Once we realized what time it was, we shot out of bed, horrified at the time wasted and booked it to Fargo for the day to visit Burlington Coat Factory, Hobby Lobby, Olive Garden and of course, the bigger mall. My favorite find of the day was a pair of Denim Capris from Hollister. Regular $59.50, got for $9.95. Yeah okay, so summer is over. Would you pass up that deal just because you had to wait 8 months to wear them?

Rolled back into GF at 10pm… tried to go in the Hot Tub but it was absolutely scalding. Could not even dip our feet in.

Sunday, Laura and Alyssa made it into GF by 11am and we got right to shopping. Still cannot believe we were in GF for over 36 hours and still had not made it to Target and Gordmans. So of course, those two places were our first stops. The mall came after that, followed by a delicious dinner at Paradisio’s. Alyssa, Jennifer and I made a few more stops before meeting Laura and Libby back at the Hotel.

Speaking of Alyssa, Jennifer and I – we had a fabulous time at the pool that night. I can’t bring myself to post these pics… but I will say that no Polar Bears were harmed in the process 😉

Here’s a few pics of our fabulous weekend! Leah, Grams and Mom – we missed you!

Me and the bags.

More bags. Just mine and Jennifers, and just Sunday.

Yeah, we have a problem.

Laura & Alyssa taking a load off after 8 hours of shopping on Sunday


Jennifer, condensing her bags.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

– Tara 🙂

3 thoughts on “Phew…!

  1. Good for you girls!! Shopping like that is our God given right as a woman! High Fives all around…and I hope some of you spent some of your husbands money too!!Polar bears Tara?Glad it was so much fun, you deserve it!:O)

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