Busy busy!

I have been very busy!

I thought I would post some pics… but I don’t know why these photo’s are uploading like this! I’ve tried re-doing it twice and it’s not working, so I just decided to leave it like this.

Some are newer, some are older…
What is everyone up to this weekend?
– Tara 🙂

7 thoughts on “Busy busy!

  1. Those are awesome Tara.My plans for the weekend start tonight(Thursday) with helping peel 185 pounds of potatoes for Cody's school and then getting ready Friday for Scrapaganza on Saturday and the Sunday is Cody's swimming lessons.How about you. What are you up to this weekend?

  2. WOW…these look great Tara! I really like the "smile" one ( stitching!! ) and the one of Jaiden "Playtime" is adorable!!…quiet night at home tonight, maybe glo bowling or corn maze tomorrow night, and dance sat & sun mornings…have a super great weekend!:O)

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