Catch up!

Okay OKAY, so it’s been awhile. SORRY! Last week was insanely busy… and it makes this week look just peachy! HAHA! I’ve given some thought to the art of blog posting and have decided that, particularly in this case where I have lots to say on multiple topics, that posting in point form is most appropriate. It’s more to the point, don’t you agree? Alright, so here goes.

  • New Moon. I’ve have been WAITING and WAITING for this to come out. For those of you that might not know me that well…. I am pretty die hard about Twilight. I tried to fight it when it first came out… but I gave in and have never looked back. I’ve never really been into the Vampire scene… but these books aren’t really about Vampires per say (although it sure makes it interesting!). It’s really more about the love story. I think it all boils down to this… who wouldn’t want to be loved like Edward loves Bella? ANYway…. my fellow Twilight fans might find this a tad offensive… but I am really hoping they knock it out of the park with this one, and do a better job than they did with Twilight. I mean, everyone knows that the book is always better than the movie, right? But in this case, the book was SO much better than the movie. As in, a hundred times better. In the book, Edward and Bella were more like best friends. They spent more time together, they cuddled, just closer as a whole – there was so much chemistry! But when I saw the movie the first time, while the fan in me “liked” it, I was hoping for sooo much more. For starters, it felt documentary-ish. Edward and Bella seemed to have a weird chemistry onscreen, completely different to what I felt in the book. Even their faces… I mean I know they’re vampires, but are you telling me that if you were walking down the street and saw someone that blatantly pale, you wouldn’t think it was weird? So now they have a new director, and I’m hoping to feel sort of like I did when I read the book. I know it will still not be the same, but that’s okay. Which also leads me to knowing that New Moon is my least favorite book in the series – I was SHOCKED when Edward left, and then pissed the rest of the time as Bella fell into a depressed oblivion, and spent more and more time with Jacob. Bah! Needless to say I’ll be waiting for the scene in Italy where Bella finds Edward and makes all the madness stop! Very excited for the movie to come out!

Check out my Halloween Cupcake lab… I had volunteered to make festive cupcakes for Kim`s Scrappin’ Studio Hall Crop… so I figured while I was at it, I might as well make an extra batch and bring them into work! Took me two evenings, but well worth it!

Haley’s cupcakes!

These next few shots are of us at work! Can you believe five Halloween`s and I`ve never dressed up at work??? Well, we sure made up for that this year!

I think Chris might be enjoying this… 😉

Sheldon (Wall Street Banker) and Vern (CRA)

Group Shot!

Allison – a girl from the 60`s!

Crazy Dr. Hunter

Moi! I was a baby. I have a Diaper on, in case you can`t tell.

Thanks to Allison for the great shots of my cupcakes!

This is a truly amazing shot Allison! There were the infamous witch jokes (Yvonne, you shoulda dresed up ;), but isn’t this make up job incredible? Wow! Best witch I’ve ever seen!

Okay, now we’re at the Hall Crop!


Mark. Dressed as a woman. Need I say more?

Nyhof & Lisa dressed up as Bees. Hypnotizing ones, at that!

And Kimmy’s wonderful shots of my Hall Crop Cupcakes!

Grams! Her highness, the Snow Queen

Me and Cowgirl Kimmy!

Phew! Sorry for all the pics, I was a bit behind.

So all in all, we got 125 kids here in Mo-Town. How many kids did everyone else get??

– Tara 🙂

4 thoughts on “Catch up!

  1. YAY!!! a new post!!Loved all the pic's!!! you made a very cute baby..just think of how cute your REAL babies will look someday!!! ( tick, tick, tick…)Yes, the Halloween crop was a hoot…must do it next year for sure!:O)thanx again for your awesome and yummy cupcakes!x0

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