Two things…

… firstly, check out this awesome, amazing, inspiring website I came across a week or two ago…


…secondly. Organization is a favorite pastime of mine. So every October on our girls trip to North Dakota, one of my favorite tasks is finding me a new Day Planner for the upcoming year. I love nothing more than adding everyone’s birthdays and holidays (complete with a label detailing the occasion and matching clipart, of course) and color coding allllllll the activities we have going on. Yah, don’t judge me.

This is the lucky winner. I love the pink but decided to spruce up the cover a bit (since the inside is really why I buy it.



I loved having the chance to use up my Heidi Swapp “file folders” although I was very disappointed to find that I didn’t have any pink left, only brown. Oh well, I improvised. I still feel like it needs something. Probably because I haven’t added any rhinestones yet 😉

Okay, that’s all for tonight! Now onto some reading. Apparently, I did not finish “Eat, Pray, Love!” I’ve been stuck in Indonesia for the past six months but am back now fully engrossed in “Groceries” journey.

– T 🙂

4 thoughts on “Two things…

  1. Sorry to be a big fat downer, but you made a mistake on your day planner.It does not make sense to have the apostrophe after the 10, as follows: 10'An apostrophe is meant to signify the omission of one or more characters in a word, or in this case number, and to mark where the omission has occured. Therefore, because you have eliminated the "20" in "2010" your abbreviated year should read as follows: '10

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