I’m baaaaaaa-aaaack!!!

It is soooooooo good to be back!

Today is the first day I can honestly say I feel caught up. Too bad I didn’t feel like this BEFORE Christmas! This was definitely a “frazzled” holiday for me this year! I am usually organized to a tee… but this year overwhelmed me… oh well. You win some, you lose some.

I guess it started when I woke up Christmas Eve to find that Morris and most of Southern Manitoba was about to be dumped on BIG TIME with a storm. Our plans were to go to my Aunt’s for my family Christmas, and then on to my BFF’s parents for our annual tradition, coming home that night. But since we were set to receive between 15-20 cm’s overnight, we made the decision to stay in the city, JUST IN CASE we got snowed in on Christmas Day. So that also meant packing up for my SIL’s Christmas as well… Hectic! I frantically ran around the house packing every gift I could find, ever morsel of food I had planned to bring… you get the idea. It’s a good thing Johnny was coming home after me from work to change and shower, because I forgot ALOT. HA!

Christmas turned out to be great, as per usual. No matter what, that Christmas spirit always rings true this time of year. Amidst all the frazzle-ness, I still felt as happy as I always do. Watching the kids open presents, no matter how old they get, is always thrilling… And my two “little” cousins turned 18 a few days before Christmas, too! Exciting!

From Johnny, I got a trip to VEGAS! YAY! What an amazing gift! He also got me a bottle of my fave wine and a huuuge scrapbooking set, which I plan on putting to use after I’m done this blog post. I also got a ton of Olympic Gear so I will be all decked out for the games in February. New Moon stuff (of course), a beeeeeautiful expresso mirror for my living room, some super comfy PJ’s, Slippers and Robe, a beautiful scarf and SO CUTE cupcake magnets… I got spoiled! And as much fun as all that is, I had SO much fun planning and picking out everyone’s gifts this year…

Isn’t giving always funner than receiving? I guess it’s a little cliche, but I think it is.

So two questions for today’s survey… what did YOU get for Christmas and what was your favorite Christmas moment this year?

I’ll post later this week with scrappy stuff and Christmas pics!

Happy Holidays everyone!

– Tara 🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaa-aaaack!!!

  1. you are just a little ray of sunshine – ALL THE TIME – thank god for sweethearts like you!!i am soooo excited for your gift from Johnny – Vegas baby!! Woot…can't wait to hear the details as they fall into place!your gifts – sounds like people know you very well or they stuck to the list! ( wink )i'm happy that you had such a meaningful christmas tara…you deserve the best!!xoxoK

  2. Well I was spoiled too as usual. A few gift cards that I would love, Biotherem bath products(my absolute fav) cash baby cash, some fun jewellery and not one appliance! I told him there better not be an appliance under the tree with MY name on it. He did good! Best moment was playing the game Tabu Xmas eve nite till 1:00 am with my family hi- lited many moments in my mind.Happy New Year Tara love Brat

  3. Wow Brat! Sounds like you hauled it in! HAHA! I'm glad you didn't get an iron or toaster for Christmas 😉 Nothing says Merry Christmas like make me some breakfast! HA!xoxo see you soon Brat and happy new year to you too!- TAww Kim! You are so sweet! Thank you!

  4. WOW…whata lucky girl. Pehaps you could get Johnny to write a manual on how do get ti RIGHT at christmas. I can't wait to hear all about eh Vegas deatils! You are just gonna be a world traveller ths year! So jeally! Your christmas sounds like it was perfect! I got Micheal Buble tickets, twilight saga stuff, scrappy stuff, old navy stuff, no too much wasa surprised i pretty much bought my own gifts except for a few Niocle surprised me with. Favorite moment was when my Mom opend up the 5 scrapped canvas's I made for her of the gradkids…she teared up…priceless!Take Care hun! Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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