It’s 2010!

Wow, does time ever fly… I was catching up with my girlfriends last night, and we were discussing how crazy it is that we graduated 10 years ago. 10 years??? Where did the time go? It definitely does not feel like 10 years. In saying that, I am feeling a lot of gratitude for where life has taken me since 10 years ago. What a great family I have, both immediate and extended. I am lucky to live in a beautiful home surrounded by great neighbours (okay, so I have one creepy neighbour, you can’t have it all folks)… a great job where I am happy to be everyday and amazing friends. Yes, life is good…

I have come up with a few New Years resolutions for this year, rather than just the one. My first one is to continue in and do better with my change jar. I actually did really good last year, up until the Tim’s went up at work here and I started cheating. So my plan is to always try and have cash in my wallet (less debit transactions) and then to throw every coin I get my hands on in that jar. I have a goal in mind for the change jar, but I don’t want to post it here because if I can make it happen for that person (who reads this), it will be the surprise of a lifetime. I hope, anyway.

Secondly, there’s the obvious fitness and nutrition goals… what really knocked me over was the 32 year old woman in the United States that died of a heart attack a month ago. 32? Female?? REALLY??? This stressed me out a bit. I’ve always had minor chest pains. Everytime I ask my Doctor about it, she brushes it off as nothing saying that at my age, coupled with my gender, it couldn’t be possible that it would be heart related. Fine, I say. But my eating habits, while not absolutely terrible, could be better. Could be ALOT better. My exercise factor is zero. I hate it. I hate it more than pretty much anything (see Facebook status about shovelling). So this will be a tough one for me, but as aforementioned, I like my life alot and want to prolong it as much as possible 😉

Another goal? Don’t sweat the small stuff. I am a serial worrier, and 98% of the time, it’s totally unfounded. I will one day undoubtedly have an ulcer over a) things that have nothing to do with me and b) I have zero control over.

So that’s that folks – those are my goals for 2010. What are your new years resolutions?

I dropped Johnny off at the Airport yesterday morning at about 5:45… he was off to the Dominican Republic with his good friend Brett for a sunny vacay. I have gotten a few funny looks when people asked about our winter vacation plans and we tell them we are vacationing seperately this year…. hahaha… the “I wonder what’s wrong” looks. HA! It’s priceless… It was kind of a fluke, actually. It started with me and the fact that I have wanted to go on a Scrapbooking Cruise FOREVER. How fun?? I should mention here that I also get some funny looks when I tell people about the concept of a Scrapbooking Cruise. As in, “why would you go on a cruise to SCRAPBOOK?” “Why not go on a cruise and scrapbook when you get home?”, is the general vibe I get from the look on their face, and the odd, “I wasn’t aware I missed your 80th birthday”. So for all you naysayers out there… the only scrapbooking one does on a cruise like this, are on the days that the ship is at sea. And even at that, it’s a couple classes. An hour here, an hour there. By no means are you scrapbooking when you are at port. But the idea is connecting with all the other people out there that love the hobby so much, and learning from awesome, talented and decorated teachers.

Okay ANYWAY… so finally this one comes up and I figure “what the hey”… Even though I know the prospect of a Scrappin’ Cruise automatically means Johnny will not be a part of this trip (haha, “honey, can you pass me the glue dots?”), I am going to go SOMETIME so what am I waiting for??? So we decided I was going and everything was all ready for booking. Since I had planned this glorious 7 day Caribbean cruise and since Johnny hadn’t gotten to go last year either, we also agreed that he would go on a boy trip. Enter his friend Brett who seriously could almost (almost) outplan me… within 2 weeks they were booked to Punta Cana, swimming with Sharks and all.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then my cruise falls through. BAM. I won’t go into the details as I don’t want to openly offend anyone, but let’s just say our dear Kim deserves much better than THAT! So, we decided that since it fell through, and since Johnny had already planned and paid for his trip, we would go on our own scrappy trip anyway! So two months later and a lot of searching for a good place, we booked it! I wanted Kim to have the best experience possible, since this will be her first time to a hot and sunny destination… I think this will suffice!

Enter the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum! Yeehaw! We got a great deal for this 4.5 star resort… I can’t wait to bask in the sun and like Kim says – we can finally say we are going THIS YEAR! Ha! March 4th, and we are off for a week! I can’t wait to show her around the area and all the amazing sights. And of course, to drink a cold Corona on the beach in Playa

Well folks, that’s it for now. I know I promised something Scrappy, but I haven’t done a stitch of work since the beginning of December. I plan to rectify that this week. I have a few sketches that I want to create layouts out of. Here’s one of them by Anna Bowkis, provided on this website:

I love how simple it is. I think we (or I, anyway) tend to complicate our layouts. So my theme for this one is, “less is more”. I’ll let you know what I come up with!

Have a great day all!

– Tara 🙂

6 thoughts on “It’s 2010!

  1. 1) LOVE your plans for the new year…you can do them all, but do them at your own pace so you don't stress yourself over any of it!2) i have more to cry over high school grads. okay. 20 years. frig. 3) since we tell each other almost daily how excited we are for this upcoming trip of ours, i will say it yet again ( plus the fact that i am not tired of saying it yet…) "i can't wait! Eeep" YOU should definitely consider a career in vacation planning tara, seriously, you know your stuff ( well, mexcio anyway! – wink )4) dang, you beat me on posting something scrappy for the new year…hahahaha…i haven't thought about any 'new years resolutions', just daily ones! thanks for always being such a great friend!!!luv luv:)

  2. Love your resolutions! I've been trying to be easier on myself and only make a couple (attainable) resolutions, but I always feel so ambitious! Good luck with yours – I like the one about using more cash and less debit. I think that would be good for me to start doing too! Oh and no more bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad dates.

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