Get me to Mexico. Stat.

Good evening folks! Hope the last week has gone well!

Here in Winnipeg, we’re experiencing unusually mild temperatures for January. I just checked my Blackberry and it’s -3!!!! Stop the music. Goodness knows, you’d think we’d be out there enjoying it. Nope. Winter is winter, right? The only difference today is we don’t have to start our cars.

Check out this pic of us picking up Johnny from the Airport on Sunday night:

Can you tell he’s arriving from sunny Punta Cana?? My name for him this week is Leatherface. The above tan has now turned into peeling, bubbling and the occasional bleeding scar on his lip. ie: PAIN. Self inflicted, of course! We will be stocking up on sunscreen next time. By the way, I don’t know what’s with the face Haley is making, but I liken it to being nearly blinded.

Kim, Grams and I had a scrappin‘ weekend in Morris this last Saturday night. I didn’t take pics of what I was producing, but I felt the need to post about it because I felt SO accomplished! I got 1 layout done, a animal records keeper for my BFF’s new Kitten, started the album for my “I Believe” stuff and mod podged the box for that as well. I also started an album that I named “memorable moments” of 2009. Kim is having a class for this album this Friday, the 15th, and I can’t make it so I worked on it this weekend. Check out her blog for pics and details:
I will post pics of my finished product when it’s, well, finished!

I cannot believe it is almost the middle of January. You know what that means… a month and a half until we are in glorious Mexico! Ooooh, Playa Del Carmen here I come!

An update to my below post about vacationing separately from your spouse: all the comments I received, both on here and through various other outlets all agreed. What the hell, so you go separately one year. Breaks are healthy and it’s nice to miss each other. You sometimes lose that in this thing called life. I am happy to report that missing him was an understatement. I missed him a TON. By Wednesday night, I would have given anything to have the guy hogging the TV (ie hockey football hockey football hockey football) or draping his clothes all over the place. It was nice. I like these epiphanies of perspective. So all in all, it was a success. He had a great time and I missed him to pieces.


During the week whilst he was gone, it was rather busy. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night with Haley and it was not uneventful! The child had a “cavity” (this is what we thought it was) and was so painful, it was bleeding! Upon further inspection at Children’s Dental World (which is a really cool place people, and I’m not sure I would have gotten her in the door had we not gone there), it became clear that she needed a baby root canal. BAM, one root canal and two crowns later, we have a very upset 8 year old! She is a trooper though and got through it well. A bit of irritation and soreness with her Mom for the rest of the day, but it wore off and she’s back to normal. What a brave kid! I did take some pics, but I don’t know how thrilled she’d be if I put them all over my blog – so I’ll just settle with scrapping them 😉

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I anticipate getting some work in the Craft Room done this weekend – stay tuned!


– Tara 🙂

4 thoughts on “Get me to Mexico. Stat.

  1. I love the sunburned picture, makes me want to be somewhere warm too! Glad to hear you girls had a great scrap weekend! I hope to see you soon! {hugs} Laura

  2. Tara, you always sound so ambitious – you're inspiring!!I want to take pics of my completed album too, eventually, and post them on my blog ( thanks again for the kudos missy ) xo…and thanks again for a GREAT weekend at Casa Elias LeClaire…you are a wonderful hostess and i had a blast with you and grams and the little hairballs!Luv LuvKim:)

  3. Hey HoneySo what are you going to do in your craft room? Do you have a color theme in your room? I did in mine, white cupboards and I did the walls with a color technique called copper patina. It turned out good, now just to keep it neat Ugh! thats hard.LOL Brat

  4. Hey Trac!Well I did hum and haw over this for quite some time. I wanted to pain the walls aqua blue and then have all my shelving in white. But in the end, I kept the walls the neutral color they are and went with the dark brown expresso shelving. My reasoning was that if I ever decided to utilize another system in my Craft room, that I could then use this shelving in my living room.You should take pics of your craft room, I'd love to see it! You coming to Sketches class on Monday?-T

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