Random Thoughts.

A few of my other fave blogs were posting “random thoughts” last week, so I thought I would follow suit. Here goes!

– I spend too much money at Bulk Barn. Hey, you never know when you’re going to have to have enough sprinkles to make 300 cupcakes!

– I am one of the 1,546,542 women that wishes Edward Cullen were real (random stolen from BFF Mickaela)

– I am also one of the 773,271 women that is on Team Edward but actually, and briefly, considered switching teams after seeing Taylor Lautner’s performance in New Moon (added by me). So, he’s 17… So what?

– I heard Facebook is going to start charging people $14.99 per month starting in July. If that happens, I am OUT.

– Last week, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of mopping up water from an overflowed toilet.

– 4 words: Pants on the Ground.

– On Monday night, I observed the following on my stairs at home. A pair of underwear (clean) that the kids decided to throw at each other. Also a dirty rag that had no doubt been used to wipe up the floor I had just washed after someone dirtied it (which believe me, I appreciate – I’ll take the dirty rag any day) and then thrown down in the general direction of the washer and dryer.

– Ever notice a couple walking by and think to yourself, “I wonder how that happened?”

– The winter weather has been unusually mild for awhile now, so over the weekend, I remarked how nice it would be if we still had our hot tub (long story about why we don’t have our hot tub anymore). Johnny told me that I could take a regular bath and he would use a straw to blow bubbles in the bathwater if I would like.

– I’ve been having dreams lately about being a stay-at-home Mom and design-teaming for a few rocking scrapbook manufacturers! Say what????

– Last week when we picked Johnny up from the Airport, Haley spilled her entire drink from Tim’s on the backseat of the car. Johnny swoops in and saves the day, tossing (once again, clean) underwear out of his luggage towards Haley. “Here, use these”. HA! “um, thanks Dad”.

– When the kids and I leave the house in the morning, we often discuss what the cats are saying while we are away. Yep, that’s right. We talk about our cats like they’re people. In our imagination, Shadow (an emulation of a 90 year old man) generally has a pair of reading bifocals on, with a stack of Encyclopedia’s beside him. p.s. we don’t actually own encyclopedia’s. We haven’t decided on Mittens exact personality yet, but we imagined all the time that Simba would be waiting for us to leave so he could pull out the inflatable pool, whip out his sunglasses, invite all his girlfriends over and exclaim “PARTY TIME!”. Simba was a stud. Okay?

– Speaking of cats, the following actually happened the other night: WARNING: if cat poop makes you gag or you’re about to eat, don’t read on. So, let me paint you a little picture here. I’ve just gotten out of the bath, and am scrunching my sopping wet hair in the hopes it will wake up to some kind of fabulousness in the morning. Johnny walks in the room and asks me why it smells like cat poop. “I don’t smell anything”, I say. So he asks me to join him in the Dining Room. Well, as soon as I walked out of that bedroom, WHEW! It seriously smelt like our house was suddenly a giant toilet. Not even a litter box, just a gigantic toilet. We’re looking around baffled (and almost out of breath) when we see little Mittens under the kitchen table with a very long string-like object coming out of, yes, her little bum. The shock and horror that followed cannot be accurately portrayed. Long story short, after actually catching her, because she’s freaking out and trying to chase this thing coming out of her (much like she would chase her TAIL) Johnny caught and held her while I tried to pull it out. She screamed. He tried to pick her up three more times for me to cut it, but she’s got claws people! Finally, Johnny put on some heavy duty gloves and I managed to cut most of it off. I purposely left some because I thought she could get it out since she was cleaning it to death down there. WOW. So upon further inspection, we realize that this mystery object is actually RIBBON FROM MY CRAFT ROOM. What kind of dumb cat eats 2 feet of ribbon???? So Shyan comes up somewhere during these memorable events to witness all the commotion (read: exclaim repeatedly how gross this was because yes, the ribbon was covered in you-know-what). So she starts downstairs and almost immediately comes running up that there is “poop everywhere!”. “Oh for the love….”, I say. I follow her downstairs where I observe “pieces of it” on the wall, floor and other random objects. Since Shyan is laughing too hard, and Johnny can’t even submit his own “fluid sample” to the house insurance guy without ralphing up three meals, I had the dubious task of cleaning this up. Luckily, it was easy (ie solid). After putting the pieces together, I guess she had tried to go to the bathroom, was all of a sudden passing her lunch special, and was scared and ran all over the place with this thing whipping around behind her with every corner turned! In the end, she went to the bathroom again and all was well. No more dangly things and the craft room door shut. ALWAYS SHUT.

Okay. so I could have just made this random: “my cat ate 2 feet of ribbon and then tried to pass it last night.” But this was way more entertaining, don’t you think?

Update: I was freaking out last night because Mittens wasn’t going to the bathroom. Her appetite and spirits were fine, but she wanted nothing to do with the litter box. I’m happy to report that this morning, Johnny observed a poop with about 4 inches more of ribbon which means she has successfully passed the rest of the ribbon! Yay Mittens!

– Um hi, Tim Hortons. Please don’t give me coffee after I’ve very specifically asked for a Steeped Tea. Thaaaaaanks.

– There is nothing funnier than “Friends”. WHY have they not done a reunion??? There will be a blog posting in the very near future with the top ten friends quotes.

– Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT an 80 year old woman because I like to scrapbook and drink tea.

– If I could wear black fleece pants every minute of my life, I would. I have three pairs and sometimes, I even wear them to work, change when I get there, and then change back into them before the drive home. I totally wear them shopping. A girl’s gotta be comfortable when she shops and they don’t look like pyjama’s, so they’re acceptable.

– I make a mean bacon breakfast sandwich on an english muffin (or bagel, if you prefer)

– I am rarely happy with my (scrap) work. I’m always comparing it to people way out of my league wondering when I’m going to get that good!

– I love love love my job

– I miss my Simba J. everyday.

Have a good weekend all 🙂

xoxo… t

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts.

  1. good lord…mittens. better double check if she DID in fact eat my yellow felt "L" last time i was over!! haha…..better you than me!yes, you are very entertaining tara, and i have no problem either with enjoying Edward and Jacob myself…heehee. ( SO WHAT! )i like the idea of 'random thoughts' for a blog post,,,someday!!have a most excellent weekend!!xo Kim

  2. ok well first off I didnt want to read the cat story but I found myself too intregged that I just had to read it and boy I will just say that I do not envy you at all, our dog likes to eat the strings from his pull toy and when he poops the string sometimes gets caught in there, thankfully he poops outside but Darren has had to come to his rescue a few timesBut enough about poop as always I love reading your posts,they make me laugh and smile outload as alwaysxoxoMichele

  3. Hey Tara. When you write a post, you will see in the tool bar there is an icon that looks like chain link. So you highlight what you want linked, then press that icon and type in the actual webb address. Hope that makes semse. Oh I also discovered that if you follow a blog, when you change your blog layout, you can go into the blogroll list and just check all the blogs and they will automatically come up.

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