Embarrassing Moments

Embarrassing moments… we’ve all had em’. You know what I mean, right? That moment where you ask yourself, “did that actually just happen to me?” I thought it would be fun to post my own absolute most embarrassing moment ever-in-life, and in return you have to leave a comment and tell me all about yours!

It’s like a modern day slumber party, people! Jump on board!

Okay, here goes. (p.s. I am cringing right now at the very thought of reliving this)

Picture this. I’m barely 19 and “dating” this guy. The reason I use the word “dating” in quotations, is because it was pretty much on his terms. There should be a future blog posting about why all girls are so so stupid when they’re young. Okay anyway, “dating”. Naturally, the less he calls, the more I like him. Since, like always, it was all dandy at first, I don’t get what the problem is and keep calling him (it’s okay dude, I get it now… much like my good friend Kelly Clarkson, I do not hook up). Luckily, while I may be in “young, stupid girl” mode, I’m not that THAT stupid. So after about two weeks of these games (read: see him at the club after the unreturned phone calls, he looks like a deer in headlights, “oh hiiiiiiiiiiii, uh, soooo sorry I didn’t call you…. it’s been, um, sooo hectic at work”. Hey buddy, do me a favor and tell me you like my friend better than me, okay?

Anyway. A month or so passes and I’ve all but forgotten about the guy. Life has moved on from the drama. Hallelujah.

About this time, my good friend Kathryn and I decide to go for a drink at Moxie’s before heading out somewhere else. THANK GOODNESS we were going out and I had put some effort into my look (read below post about black fleece pants). There’s nothing worse than seeing the guy that blew you off when you look like you just rolled out of bed. Of course, you want to make him pay, right? HA! Someone paid, alright. So Moxies. Kathryn and I walk in and see a friend of hers whilst waiting for our table. We stroll over and are chatting it up when all of a sudden, my phone rings. I dig it out and look at the call display. It’s the guy. So of course, in true 19 year old stupid girl fashion, I am jumping all over the place, thrusting the phone in Kathryn’s face, pointing to the call display using very large and grandeur gestures, the whole 9 yards. It’s very loud at Moxies, so I DASH out of there to get into the mall so I can answer the phone (casually, of course). I get outside and I’m all, “hello?”. And what do I hear on the other end?

“You don’t have to run for me.”

Oh, the horror. The absolute horror. I think I may have blacked out during that moment in sheer disbelief. It was like, trying to press rewind on your life. “That did not just happen to me, that did not just happen to me, make it go away”. Of course at this point, there’s no recovering. I try and act all cool and collected. “HELLO???? I CAN’T HEAR YOU, BAD RECEPTION”. Meanwhile, he’s totally watching me do this from the restaurant window.

GAH. I have never wanted to swallow myself whole more than at that moment in my life.

Kathryn and I ended up sitting there for a few minutes to TRY and save face, but the damage was done. I never wanted to see that person again in my life, and I haven’t.

Isn’t it nice when you “grow up” and settle into family life and you can look back on these moments with hilarity (and again, cringes)?

Okay, let’s have it.

xoxo… t

6 thoughts on “Embarrassing Moments

  1. ok here goes, ( now truth be told that this is not as good as yours, and in my life I have had a few embarassments but there is 1 that has always stuck out in my mind)It was actually in my Walmart days in the lab ( before the new one was built, I dont think you were there at the time) but I was working the front taking in people names and phone numbers on the envelopes and I always starting the conversation "how can I help you sir, or maam" whatever the person was, well this one customer I briefly looked at (gave a quick gander at before I spoke to them) and politely said to the person after ringing in what i thought was a "guys" order, have a good day sir to which the person responded with "I am not a sir" I totally felt my face get as red as an apple I was SOOOOO embarassed!!!!! ( now I have to clarify that this women was defiantely a lesbian dressed in a white shirt and black tie and had a mans hairstyle so I truly believe that this was an honest mistake but nontheless totally embarassing for me :)the moral of the story is that i never said sir or maam again to anyone it was just a have a nice dayMichele

  2. I KNOW! I totally agree Mich! Everyone chickened out! Everyone told me, "oh, I read your embarrassing story, I can't believe that" but when I asked them if they were going to post their own, they were all, "I don't want to, it's embarrassing!". C'mon people, it's all in the past. OWN UP.HAHAHAHA!

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