Hola! Cerveza por favor?

WOW it has been a long time! You know, I had every intention of blogging before Kim and I left for Mexico, but with all the hustle and bustle, it just wasn’t happening! I had so much going on in February and believe me, my packing suffered because of it. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I forgot. Not quite as much as the time I got all the way to Grand Forks for a shopping weekend to realize I had left all my luggage at home, but not my most stellar performance, either. Who forgets their hairbrush when they have as much hair as I do???

First I will catch you up on the month of February… I started taking the Wilton Cake Decorating classes. It is something I have always been interested in, but the time was never right. Well I guess I can’t say that about February either, but I was waiting no more! Also taking the class are my BFF and Mama #2 – talk about bonus girl time together! It’s been great meeting up once a week for dinner and class! So, there are 4 levels and 4 classes to each level. Level 1 saw me learn how to make a Rainbow Cake using the star tip, edible icing clowns, alllll sorts of flowers and of course, the Wilton Rose! I learned soooo much in those 4 classes. Level 2 started March 2nd and for this level, there isn’t any cakes (in other words, I’m getting alot of sad faces at work and at home on Wednesday mornings, hee hee!)… Just alot more learning different flowers and of course, Royal Icing! I am most excited for Levels 3 & 4 – FONDANT & GUM PASTE. Yippeeeee! So pretty much, I will be the Cake Boss.

My first cake: The Rainbow Cake

My second cake: The Clown Cake

Aaand my final cake for Level 1: The Rose Cake!

Also in February was another amazing show with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra for their Pops Series. The show we participated in was a tribute to Queen! No, not THE QUEEN. Queen! Three shows over the weekend had us all belting out faves like, “We are the Champions”, “Bohemian Rhapsody” and my personal fave, “Somebody to Love”. What a great time we all had! Unfortunately, the Sunday afternoon show was poorly timed, being that it started at the same time as the Canada-USA Olympic Gold Medal Game, but I got to a TV with 2 minutes left in the 3rd Period… after USA tied up the game with .24 seconds left on the clock, we pulled it together in overtime and won the gold! And by we, I mean Sydney Crosby. HA!

And finally… off to sunny Mexico. Kim and I decided to stay at the 4 Points Sheraton at the Airport. With me living out of town and it being winter, you just never know. Plus it only added to the fun, so that’s what we did! Also, since I only wear flip flops to the airport when on the way to a sunny destination, it helped that they had a walkway to the airport and I didn’t have to walk through the snow in my sandals πŸ˜‰

After leaving Winnipeg at 8:55am with a connection in Toronto, we arrived in Cancun at 5:05pm! Quite a bus ride to the resort but I gotta tell you… when we finally got there and dumped our stuff in our room, I got the craziest and most awesome surprise! BRAT was there! Yes, that’s right – the bee-otch herself, in the flesh! Her and her husband Robert (aka Poncho via) booked a trip at the same resort and everybody knew BUT ME! What a wonderful way to begin a vacation! It was so great having them there with us and we have so many memories and things to laugh about!!!

It would take HOURS to post every detail of the trip… we spent hours lazing beside (and in) the Caribbean Ocean on the powder white sand, visited Playa Del Carmen (my personal fave), Cozumel, lots of shopping, Xcaret, Tulum and another new amazing spot, Akumal! Akumal would be where Kim swam along side Sea Turtles! Talk about amazing. We all got awesome tans and I am now shedding skin worse than a snake πŸ˜‰ Here’s some of my fave pics of our adventure (out of order, as per usual ;):

The amazing Akumal beach

The Jaguar hamming it up for us in Xcaret

I spent an entire walk down 5th in Playa devoted to finding a Sombrero to wear on the plane home that was under $10. After 10 shops and seriously 2 hours of this, I wheeled and dealed someone down to $8.50 and what do I see not 2 minutes later? HAHA! That’s what I get for being CHEAP!

Just a funny pic that Kim took of me.

The beach just outside our Villa at the Gran Bahia Principe Tulum

Brat, Kim and I at the a la carte Steakhouse

How perfect that this was floating around in the pool


Again, sigh…

Three words: SWIM UP BAR.

So sad to be leaving 😦

What an amazing time… just the R&R we both needed! Thanks Kim for such a wonderful, relaxing and memorable time and remember – no more bus rides at 11pm in Playa Del Carmen! HA!

The weather has been fabulous ever since I got home and the other day, we actually spring cleaned. I’m serious, this actually happened. Aside from washing the floors (we ran out of Swiffer Juice) and the garage, we’re done! Perhaps we could organize the storage room a bit, but other than that? We’re good to go! Now, if it snows again, I will have a real head start on spring πŸ˜‰

Have a great day all!


3 thoughts on “Hola! Cerveza por favor?

  1. I agree…the cakes look great and my FAV is still the pink rose one!I too had an amazing time in Mexico with you…and you certainly have me hooked on Playa as well, a definite must go back should I ever get to Mexico again…but i think my favorite thing we did this trip was Xcaret…so much to see and do, so clean and beautiful, so ALIVE…loved it!! and of course our gorgeous beach too….and i am also jealous of your headstart in your spring cleaning..nothing like a freshly organized and clean smelling house!Luv ya!K:)

  2. Welcome back!!!! It's been a while, but I will forgive u since you had so much going on. :)The cakes are beautiful!!!! I bet that would be a fun class to take with some great friends!!I am so happy to hear u guys had such a great time in Mexico, I am soooooo jealous :)Look forward to reading your updated posts every week right????? :)Michele

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