Oh so inspired…

Check. this. out.


I am so inspired by this project. I check out Ali’s blog regularly but haven’t been on the computer much lately. A couple of weeks ago however, I noticed Leigh Penner following suit and just absolutely love love love the idea. I think it may be partially because I’m also so pumped about the We R Memory Keepers Multi Packs. And please, if anyone can tell me where I can find these in stock, wow would I love you. They’re hard to get!

So the decision has been made. Starting first thing Monday morning, I am going to document everything. Should be interesting to see what really is involved in a week in my life!

Disclaimer: I don’t know about posting it on here everyday, like Leigh and Ali did… that just feels like setting myself up for failure. Have you seen when I last blogged???

Soooooo, life has been a little crazy lately. We are officially putting our house in Morris up for sale and moving back to Winnipeg… I am SO stoked about this! We move quite a bit for Johnny’s job, which I am always happy to do. Honest! We always refer to it as a new adventure in our life… I am one of those types that wants to see and do everything and I love all the spontaneity. The only part about it that I don’t care for is all the money it costs us to be obtaining new digs every few years. Yeah yeah, why don’t we just rent, right? Well, what a waste, don’t you think? And maybe we would have if we had lost… but so far we haven’t lost. We also haven’t gained, really… but the real estate market is hopping enough to keep us afloat.

Anyway the “for sale” sign is going up tonight and please pray, meditate, cross your fingers – whatever it is that you do, that we have a quick sale. Right now Johnny is commuting an hour and a half each way to work and back until we move. Not cool.

Here’s a few scrappy things! The Christmas layout using the Pink Paislee Misteltoe line is one I did around 2 months ago while enjoying a lazy Saturday in the Craft Room…

These two were done at the MSS Super Scrap Day in Winkler with Kim and Tracy! It worked out really nice. I went to work with Johnny, Kim and Trac picked me up and off we went. Had a great lunch (as usual) at Twisters, got some shopping in and back to work. Lots of laughs and meeting great new people that day!

And finally… to update you on my Cake Class progress…. check out my Level 3 final cake project! Also known as my little niece Kali’s birthday cake! Thankfully I have a very flexible teacher who doesn’t make us follow the lesson plan exactly… she let us do whatever cake we wanted, as long as she approved it! Thanks Les!

I had SO much fun with it!

Who wants to join me in my “week in the life” challenge next week?

Have a great day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Oh so inspired…

  1. Thanks Lisa! I didn't think it up though, I googled "Dora" cakes and this is the one I thought I was most capable of achieving! I did come up with the stars and will be piping on grass this week. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hey you!It's about time you posted! LOLTotally gonna check out the details on the "week in the life" idea….TOATLLY!ALSO…..I am in the process of stocking up journaling cards and stuff for a "365" project class that i plan to teach, possibly in the summer or early september…..tell you more about it soon!!AWEsome layouts, as always! ….and the cake you made for us was most excellent and every last crumb was claimed by the kids!!x0x0

  3. Well Tara,I did check out the blog and thought it was a really neat idea and I started taking my pics and keeping track of everything today. I hope I can keep the momentum up for the rest of the week and that I can get it all together and finished far sooner than I finish all of the other projects I have taken on in the past.Wish me luck and good luck for when you start your week.Thanks for sharing that link.

  4. Hey Tara – Rockhampton is around 12 hours from where I live. But a nice place in the world along the QLD coastline. I haven't been there but I hope to one day.

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