Road Trippin’!

A quick blog update!

The fam and I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Wisconsin Dells, ending with a stop in Valleyfair in Minneapolis! What a BLAST that place is. It’s like Vegas, for kids! Endless Waterparks and Theme Parks…

I have waaaaaaay too many pics to post them all here – but most of you have me on Facebook, so you can check out my album here. Here’s a couple of my fave photos for anyone that can’t see the album – and if you can’t see the album, add me on Facebook!

My plan is to make a road trip album and I am soooooo inspired by this one that my good friend Kim directed me to:

Amy Tangerine

Check that out! I looooove posting things on my blog that have inspired to me and when Kim showed me that, I was SOLD. I kept most receipts for everything that we bought, ate and did – and even kept a gas log! Can’t wait to make something of my own 🙂

I realized a while ago that after I talked about the “Week in the Life” album, I never did post pics of my completed project. That will be one of my next blog projects!

Also, for this particular road trip, I made Road Trip Survival Kits for the girls… I will post pics very soon as I am going to try and submit them to Cosmo Cricket and October Afternoon, since I used their paper lines for the Activity Mini’s. Wish me luck!

How’s your summer going, so far?


2 thoughts on “Road Trippin’!

  1. HAHAHA….that picture of Haley ( the second one in her pink sundress ) is tooooo funny, what a little ham!!I love you travel log mini's you made for the girls…very inspiring!and yes, Amy is awesome…luv her motivating and inspiring blog too!!See ya soon!x0x0

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