My very first blog award!

Well THANK YOU to the lovely Polly for awarding me with my first ever blog award! The “super comments” award! Woot woot! I always try to leave a comment when I read a blog because I know how much I appreciate it when people leave me a comment to show they’ve been there and to acknowledge the post that I likely worked hard on!

Check out Polly‘s blog for her witty encounters with life, motherhood and my favorite part – book reviews!

Thanks again for thinking of me, Polly!

Alright, here goes!

Why do you blog?

Well, I first started blogging because I wanted a means to get my scrap work out there (even though I still consider myself very much learning!) in the hopes of eventually being able to design team for my fave manufacturers and be able to do it as a part time job! I’ve also always enjoyed writing, so it really went hand in hand. I don’t blog as often as I’ve intended to in the past – but I plan on improving that!

What are your three best memories?

Well, I haven’t given birth or had a wedding day yet, but I have had some very special moments with my family all the same! It’s hard to pick one, so I’ll mention a few important ones: Trips to Edmonton and Wisconsin Dells, our very first camping trip in St. Malo and their rallying around me for my booth in a few major Manitoba craft shows, taking shifts to help me at my booth or carry tables, shelving and product up and down three flights of stairs, to helping me price things, wrap things and offer their own suggestions – proud moments for me!

Going for ice cream to Lockport with Johnny and the night he made me a pizza and then cut it into a heart 🙂

Traveling as a kid to British Columbia on road trips that took at least a month with my Grandparents and whole family… stopping in Banff, the Enchanted Forest all throughout B.C. where my Grams would always give me her change purse to get myself a few treats. I loved it so much I horned in on my Grams and Grams anniversary RV trip back to B.C. a few years later! HAHA!

I added a fourth: GIRLS TRIPS to the States with Jen, Grams, Mom, Laura, Alyssa, Leah and Libby!!!

If you could change your name what would it be?
Elisabeth. Spelt with an “S”, so people didn’t call me “Lizzy or Lezzie”. It’s such a timeless name, I love it.

What are 5 things you can’t live without?

In no particular order…

1. My family. All of em’.
2. My friends. They keep me laughing everyday
3. Steeped Tea from Tim Hortons.
4. Travel. I want to see everything.
5. Internet. Obviously!

Okay, I added one more: Scrapbooking/Crafting. A genuine love and passion I have.

Four best books;

Those that follow my blog know that I am an avid reader – so this is not that easy….Ill try!

1. Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer. Sorry, can’t help it. Couldn’t put them down, still love them.

2. Any book written by V.C. Andrews, although particularily the “Flowers in the Attic” series.

3. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

4. Night by Elie Wiesel

A unique and interesting fact about yourself:

I am pretty obsessed with history… particularily European History… the Holocaust, the British Monarchy (especially the Tudor era!)… I could go on. I with I had gone to school to be a history professor. What could be better than history all year and then April-September off??? NOTHING.
What do you love best about yourself?

It’s hard to pick one thing I love best about myself… so I’ll just say my LOVE for my family and friends!

The best movie ever made?

Um hellooooo! Sister Act 2?? Best movie ever! I have seen tons of other great movies (ahem, The Hangover is only the funniest movie of all time) but the funny ones tend to stick out with me. I have seen plenty of dramas where I can’t take my eyes off the screen and love them too.

If it was freaky Friday who would you change with?

I don’t know what freaky Friday means, but judging by Polly’s answers, I am going to guess that it would be someone you could go back in time to trade places with for a day. My gosh, this is a hard one. My first thought was Anne Boleyn, but I actually would like to trade places with a famous singer I admire, just for a day. Like, Celine Dion or Carrie Underwood. Glam, glam, glam!

I hope I got that question at least partly right 🙂

Whats the best thing about being a woman?

Common sense! Smarts! HA! Also, I love being able to get dressed up and go out on the town!

So now to pass the award on:

I would love to pass onto:

Kim at The Scrappin’ Studio (because she is amazing and a true inspiration, in so many ways) KA at KA: My Life is only slightly neurotic (because she is hilarious and I definitely feel a kinship to her ways) Leigh Penner at to the full (because her work is very inspiring and she’s a really nice person!)

This was a pleasure!

3 thoughts on “My very first blog award!

  1. Aww that was a great read T. So funny that we all seem to love Tudor period isn't it. You should definitely read that book I blogged about a little while back Mademoiselle Boelyn. It was awesome.

  2. HAHAHA….this sounds FUN!! Thanks for a quirky little read here too! ( and thanx for the kuddos as well! )Funny…I read Flowers in the Attic too, several years ago, and even with the deranged happenings in that book, I too could not put it down!!x0x0x0

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