It’s time.

The dreaded diet. The fitness routine. I have been putting it off for months. Probably a lot longer than that, actually.

This is what I made to help keep me motivated. So what, I’m supposed to spend 4.5 hours on a Food Journal and not use it? I don’t THINK so. Pat on the back, Tara. You have found the answer for all of the women in the world who want to shed a few pounds. HA!

Some of the recipes

This is the section where I actually keep track of what I eat

Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “It’s time.

  1. Tara!!!I love this food journal you made….it's perfectly inspiring to see it up close! You can do it and reach your goal…you're one determined lady and you will be successful!HAVE FUN with your adventure!!xxoxo

  2. love the book, i think all of us that want to shed some pounds should make something totally pretty like this to make us excited about this journey, weight loss is definately not easy.i wish u luck amd much success!!!Michele

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