Happy Birthday to me!

Okay, so it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago… I received some gift certificates to Amazon.com and cashola from my family – so I couldn’t resist. It was between this and a Kindle. But oh, the possibilities are endless with this thing. 4×6, B&W, wallets, wallets with border, calendars, frames, text… AH!

So clearly, this won. Check it out!

It’s the Canon Selphy ES40 Photo Printer. Totally portable and yes, it will be joining me on all crops. The real seller for me was that you don’t have to buy ink. You just buy the paper packs, and it comes with the ink cartridges. So for 50 4×6, it cost $14.99 (including ink). Black & Whites and Wallets came in 25 packs and we’re around the same price. I guess a touch pricy, but it COMES WITH INK. And the convenience?! Worth it.

And it’s not like I’m going to print every photo on here. This is for those times when you don’t quite know yet what size or picture you need, or are in a bind. Now I can really flow with the creativity.

I’m trying to convince my good friend Kim that she needs one of these. Earth to Kim, you need one of these!

Ok, I’m done. Sorry. I’m just so excited!

Ok what else… everyone is back into the swing of school… including my little nephew Jaiden, who started his very first day of Kindergarten today! Check out the little guy decked out in his new backpack. I love this kid!

Hockey has started for Shyan, Haley is very excited to be getting back into Dance – and I am happy that everyone is busy! It may be hectic, but it keeps everyone productive (ie off the computer/TV).

Fall is here, and I can’t wait to decorate for Halloween already!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. "Earth to Kim"….BAHAHAHA!!!!!you know i WANT it!!…hope Shyan has a great hockey season,with no breaks this time! and Haley enjoys her new start to the dance season! Aawwwww…little Jaden…so cute!See you AND your new toy soon Missy!!x0x0x0

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