Johnny Reid = the Michael Buble of Country.

Went to see Johnny Reid Monday night at the Centennial Concert Hall… WOW. I’ve never seen someone so capable of making 40-something women go SO crazy before (ahem, cough cough Mom). The show was spectacular. The guy is funny and a great story teller – and then there’s the music! He’s in the country genre, but what a mixed bag. His back-up were two soul singers, and along with his fiddle and guitar players, he had a sax player, trombone player – and let’s throw in a few bag pipers to boot. He was born in Scotland, but immigrated to Canada sometime in the 80’s – and the accent hasn’t faded a bit!

It was a great show and I highly recommend seeing him if he comes around your parts!

This pic stolen from his Facebook fan page, since my pics weren’t this good.

And a pic of my Mom, Sister and I! What a nice evening 🙂


One thought on “Johnny Reid = the Michael Buble of Country.

  1. …of course he was great…he's SCOTTISH!!!heeheehee!!!!I'm glad you had such a fun night out with your Mom and Leah! Make sure you treat yourself to soulcandy more often!!x0x0

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