Ya? And?

So I’m still so enthralled with the Johnny Reid concert, that I made a LO of it at Sketches class! That’s right.

I love Sketches class. You should all come to it, too! Just contact Kim for dates!

I should mention that at this particular class, you actually leave with THREE completed LO’s, but I am not finished my other 2 yet.

Off to finish that and get to work on 365!

Oh ya, how many kids did you all get for Halloween? We got 86!


2 thoughts on “Ya? And?

  1. I love how your Johnny Reid layout turned out…GREAT color combo too! I still say you should email this photo to him…And THANK YOU for the kudo's and scouting for me!! heeeheehee….I'm soooo happy that you love sketches classes as much as I do!…not to mention our LOVE for 365!!Halloween….we had 90 this year! That's 30 more than last year, must have been the nice weather. Thank God I planned ahead for more kids because of nice weather otherwise I would have been handing out paint brushes and glue dots…x0x0x0

  2. We don't usuall celebrate Halloween in Oz but Im noticing that its starting to pick up. I think its great – anything thats fun is a winner I say.Apparently houses that are participating put balloons on their doors. Must do that next year.

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