It’s in the bag…

Thought I would participate in this fun after seeing it on Sasha’s blog on Friday.

It’s in the bag! It’s amazing what women have in their purse’s at any given time. When I was selling Tupperware, we used to play a game and one of the questions was “what is the WEIRDEST thing you have in your purse?” You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff women had! The definite weirdest item one lady had was pancakes in a ziplock bag.

Anyway, check my stuff out:

Here’s a shot of the purse before I pulled it all out (missing of course, the camera)

The goods:

1) Tupperware (of course)

2) Sweats (are you really surprised?)

3) Wallet

4 and 5) Pouches to hold little things

6) Low Fat Banana Muffin

7) Blue Medium Papermate pen – the best

8) USB Chord for camera

9) Ponytail

10) Lipgloss from Bath & Body Works

11) a Menu from Santa Lucia (which claims to be the best pizza in the province, and can I just say? I hate it. It’s not good.)

12) Anti-Bacterial wipes

13) Advil in a T-ware smidget

14) Pictures

15 & 16) Bath & Body Works Lotion and Anti-Bac gel

17) My fave thing I got at the mall at Christmas time FOR MYSELF. A makeup bag of the British Flag

18) my Blackberry

19) my journaling book for Project 365, so I can keep track of my daily activities

So… what’s in your bag??


One thought on “It’s in the bag…

  1. Oh Tara….I would be here for hours if I were to list all the junk in my bag, nappies, toys, any number of lipsticks, creams, keys, wallet, glasses, sunglasses, any number of pens, lots of crumbs, a muesli bar – and thats all I can remember off the top of my head!!

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