A few December Daily shots

I apologize for the bad lighting… just thought I would throw a few shots of my DD up here. I don’t have any real shots of the actual pages because a) I am SO not anywhere done this and b) I am not happy with it. I am on the fence about whether I should have done it in the first place… actually, I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have, but you know how it is when you’re inspired, right? I do take one real positive out of this. I used up SO MUCH of my stash. And I also learned alot, so that’s great. But trying to do this, on top of Project Life 365? Not smart. I’m already documenting each day. My thought was that I’d keep this one festive, and the other one more of the “everyday”. It didn’t work out quite like I planned, and I ended up feeling sooo overwhelmed.

That said, I am already SO excited to start December Daily next Christmas. By then, Project Life 365 will be complete and I will have nothing else hogging so much of my time. I can’t wait to really delve into this Christmas 2012

Here’s a few shots of what I considered to be the funnest part – assembling the album


3 thoughts on “A few December Daily shots

  1. SOOOO beautiful!!!!!…and despite the task this project was to take on while we are both working on 365 daily as well, and despite how much extra pressure it was to take on, it is still just awesome and inspiring!!!!!! Kx0x0x0

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