Drinking: water. There’s a first.

Eating: a popsicle.

Reading: Not even kidding, Bridges of Madison County. It was a recommended book on my Kobo and was on sale. Since it got seriously rave reviews, I figured I would try it.

Wearing: White and Blue PJ Pants from Joe, and a Blue Tank from Garage

Feeling: Tired, a little overwhelmed, but good overwhelmed. Just need to sleep.

Weather: Sunny, but not that warm yet.

Wanting: a Reece’s Pieces Blizzard

Needing: to turn off this laptop and go to bed.

Thinking: that I’m really out of the loop on Twitter and Pinterest lately. Facebook, not so bad.

Enjoying: the fact that both my kitties are snuggled up against me 🙂

Wondering: when my house will sell.

Have a good weekend, everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. …Bridges of Madison County…I saw the movie a couple times but never read the book! The movie was pretty good…I. Love. Pet. Cuddles!!!!Kxoxo

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