Scrap into Summer Event!

Just had an AMAZING weekend at The Scrappin’ Studio’s “Scrap into Summer” event! Kim organized this 2 day crop and it went off without a hitch! I had a great time, and it looked like everyone else did, too!

Here’s Kim organizing her Friday evening snack – popcorn in sandpails! Brilliant!

Me at my table 🙂

A few of the things I managed to get done while running the very-busy garage sale!

For the Sketch #2 challenge:

Thank you Kim for putting on such a great event for us, yet again! I can’t wait for next time 😀


4 thoughts on “Scrap into Summer Event!

  1. HAHA!! Those popcorn pails turned out pretty cute ( if i do say so myself! Eep! )Love your layout…of course! ( shyan is so beautiful! )And those little frames are super cute…what's the deal-y-o with them?? For you? A gift?The garage sale….WHICH i might add, you did an amazing, bang-up job on helping with!!! I coulnd't have had it running without your help! A MILLION thankyou's for being so super organized and running the show!!Can't wait to see ALL your crop pics!! ( and the ones from the Vegas crop….) See ya soon!Kx0x0

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