Loved this post I saw on Sherri’s blog this morning, so thought I would try it myself.

Today –
Today I went to McDonalds. A serious fave.

Today I hoped to get happy mail (I did)
Today I dreamed about the things I know I can accomplish, but haven’t yet.

Today I forgot to reschedule a dentist appointment

Today I heard a lot of singing in my house
Today I read some tweets from Laura about our upcoming road trip to Scrapfest in Minneapolis!
Today I watched actually nothing, for once.

Today I said I would scrapbook (didn’t happen)
Today I believed that time spent with the four of us is sooo important and not done enough without busy-ness

Today I felt sad about staying up last night to watch the Passionate Eye – they played phone calls that people trapped in the World Trade Center made to their loved ones and to 911. Feeling sad for those people today.

Today I wondered when our house will sell and we can move back to Winnipeg.
Today I bought some milk for my tea at work.

Today I cleaned up a hairball

Today I created a spreadsheet at work

Today I was me

And now, I shall leave you with this. HA!

Thanks for stopping by!


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