Scraplift Challenge

I recently participated in a Scraplift Challenge over at The Scrapbook Nook. There were three teams, and each team had a leader. The leader provided a sketch and their take on it, and forwarded it privately to the person next on the list. Once that person completed their LO, they would forward to the team leader, who would then forward that onto the third person, and so on (I don’t know if I explained that very well).

Team #1 (my team), won! We got through our whole chain and it was so fun to see how every person’s take on the last transpired.

I was number 6 on a team of 8. Here’s my take on the LO I received from person number 5:

So fun! Can’t wait to do it again.
Thanks for looking 🙂
xoxo… t

7 thoughts on “Scraplift Challenge

  1. I am loving the subtle yellow color splash…and the misting is fabulous! Glad you're finding time to play online!(and she is looking soooo grown up! Look out boys!)x0x0

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