December Daily 2011

It’s that time of year again – and I am doing Ali’s December Daily to document it.  I did attempt this project last year, but I was not successful (I blame PL 365).  This year, I purchased Marcy Penner’s December Journal Kit and am determined to keep it up.

I am planning on blogging my pages daily, I think it will help keep me accountable.  I know there will be days I miss from time to time, but I am so inspired and passionate about this, that I am confident a few busy days here and there won’t set me back.

Here is my cover. 

I plan on taking cues and inspiration from the many, many other scrappers out there that I know are doing this project.  Can’t wait to share with you, and I will be back on December 2nd with my first entry.

Thanks for looking!


12 thoughts on “December Daily 2011

  1. Love it so far Miss Tara!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with as each page is created! ( i left you a reply in my last post comments regarding "the griffin rink"…hahaha! )x0x0

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