December Daily Day #7

I am sooo behind… but I’m behind, with a plan.  I’ve got little things to add here and there, it’s just getting energy to put it all together amidst all the crazy.  You know how December is…! 

Here’s my Day 7.  It was a super easy way to document day 7 and our new Christmas Tradition

How is your Christmas coming along?  Are you finding time for this project?

Thanks for looking!

xoxo…. t

6 thoughts on “December Daily Day #7

  1. LOVE this "ornament tradition" idea….it goes right along with your family one too! I have my DD done up to Dec.9 and pages planned out -with photos- up to last night!! So, same as you, just need some "me time" to stick it all down and catch up that way!!I have 80% of my wrapping done as well…this is a job I tend to leave til EVERYTHING else is done, and end up staying up til 4am Christmas Eve trying to hold my eyes open with toothpicks to get the wrapping done, of course while Mr. Griffin is upstairs sleeping soundly…HAHAHA!…Keep enjoying this fun, festive season Missy!!x0x0

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