Happy Valentimes Day

I know.  It says Valentimes, not Valentines.  That’s how we say it in our house (not sure why).

I thought it was an appropriate day to show off the LO I created for J this past weekend, using the Daydream Believer February kit from Studio Calico (best kit EVER). 

Forgive the typewriting.  It was the first time I used my new typewriter, and even though I practiced on scraps, it still didn’t turn out the best.  And on top of that, it smudged, too.  But that’s okay.  I’m happy with the imperfection of it.  Hopefully he can read it all 😉

Speaking of the crop this last weekend…  my friend Kim held an emergency fundraising crop to raise money for her friend, Lynn, who is in her final stages of terminal cancer.  Lynn’s one wish is to remain in her home until the end of her journey, and all the fundraising efforts were to be able to grant her that wish.  Such a shame that home care is so darn expensive, butI guess there’s nothing we can do about that.  I have yet to know the final tally, but I will say the outpouring of support for Kim, for Lynn, was something to see.  People from all walks of life and all abilities, donated their time, their money, their food, prizes, everything you can think of.  I know Kim was completely overwhelmed and I know that everyone’s generosity is what will help Lynn’s wish come true.

Hope everyone has a great day, whatever it may mean for you 🙂


12 thoughts on “Happy Valentimes Day

  1. What a sweet, sweet layout. You may need to refer back to that from time to time to remind yourself down the road 🙂 So happy to have been a part of the fundraiser this past weekend. Kim did a very sweet and selfless thing for her dear friend.

  2. OMGeeee!! Tara…this is probably my FAVorite layout you’ve made yet!! It is just the sweetest and it suits your personality and relationship with J to a tee!! I love it, and I’m positive he did too!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your kind thoughts about Lynn’s crop this weekend and once again for all YOUR amazing support as my sweet friend as well!!! It really was overwhelming and at the same time just a beautiful blessing to see in motion! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog posting…and by the way, the fundraiser is now up to $3200.00 with a few extra donations that have trickled in…..amazing!

  3. You’re layout is beautiful, Tara!
    I got a typewriter at a garage sale this past summer but it’s so unreliable that I don’t use it often on my layouts! I need to loosen up, I know! LOL!

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