Photo Swap Challenge

I recently participated in a really fun Photo Swap Challenge.  The idea is that you swap pictures with another scrapper, and each design one layout using that person’s picture.  Once done, we’re to physically send the layout to our partner.

Pam sent me some beautiful pictures of her daughter.  Seriously, stunning pictures.  It made it really easy for me to come up with a simple design that would really showcase the photographs.  Couldn’t believe how quickly it all came together, with minimal humming and hawwing (which is the norm for me). 

I asked Pam if she had a preference in terms of what type of picture I sent her.  She requested some winter pictures!  Being that she lives in sunny Florida, and I imagine doesn’t have the opportunity to work with those very often, I was happy to oblige.  Here is the BEAUTIFUL layout she came up with for me.  I absolutely love it.  And, she didn’t know this while she was scrapping it, but that is my favorite line of Crate Paper.  Ever.

So there you have it folks – another challenge, another awesome way this hobby brings people together 🙂

Thanks for looking!

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