A Layout and a City Champ

First, let me start off by talking about the weather here in Winnipeg.  It is INSANE.  I can’t remember ever wearing flip flops and shorts as early as March.  Looks like we are in store for a nice, long summer 🙂

Okay, the layout.  I played along in another “lift the scrapper above you” challenge.  Here is Sarah’s LO that I chose to lift:

And here is my take:

I am really in love with Echo Park’s This & That release.  So easy to work with!  No paper pushing and humming and hawwing with this one.  Well, maybe a little, but that’s just me.

And finally, a city champ.  So proud of this girl:

She plays hockey sometimes 5 nights a week, is passionate about it.  Sunday night after an intense game, they won their third straight in a best of 5 series.  They all deserve this very much and I know it’s a moment she’ll remember forever.

Thanks for looking folks!

8 thoughts on “A Layout and a City Champ

  1. Go Shy! So happy for her. Love your take on Sarah’s lo, thanks for jumping in with us. I know what you mean about the weather I am welcoming it with open arms 🙂

  2. I am totally loving this weather too…i hope it’s a loooooong summer prediction!
    I love your take on the scrapbook lift challenge…HOW FUN!!

    Congrats again to Miss S….she has worked hard and has certainly earned it! So proud of your awesome little family!

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