It’s been awhile.

That’s the understatement of the year, huh.

So much has happened since I last posted in May (yes that’s right, May.). 

I had a wedding social:

I went to Montreal (work):








Then Calgary (work, but strategically planned around Stampede):

Got Married (more pics of this event to come!):

Went on a honeymoon:


Bought a house back home in Winnipeg and moved in:

Turned 30: 

And today, my husband (still feels weird to say) got transferred back to Winnipeg and will be the new Store Manager at St. Vital Wal-Mart, which effectively ends 7 long years of commuting and highway driving for us.  So proud of him!

And so I thought this little gem I found on Pinterest to be appropriate:

This blog mostly sticks to scrapbooking, but there has been so much life happening lately (and not very much scrapbooking), that I am so excited to share it!  It’s been the best 3 months of my life, and it’s flown by so fast.  Feeling extremely blessed 🙂

Back soon with some paper love

– T

7 thoughts on “It’s been awhile.

  1. So happy to see this snapshot of your summer. You have been blessed indeed. So, so happy for all the tremendous blessings being poured out onto you my girl! The best one….living super close to yours truly! Hahahah.

  2. Yay…you’re back! Yes indeed…you guys have been crazy busy – but in all the most fun ways possible!! Sooooooo happy for all the new exciting adventures happening for you & J…you guys deserve every happiness coming your way!

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