December Daily | Cover

So I was checking my blog stats, and almost spit out my tea laughing at one of the search terms used to find me. 

left it in conference room B – friends quotes”

AAAHAHA!  I believe you are looking for this?  I love how my obsession with Friends and my blog have come full circle. 

Okay, back to December Daily.  I am happy to report that last year, I finished this project.  And I finished it before January 1st.  I was pretty darn proud of myself, and wanted to keep the momentum up for this year.  I really struggled with the cover, though.  I was inspired by those pictures with the quotes and words all over them, and wanted to start from there.  Didn’t turn out exactly how I saw it in my mind, but that’s a-ok because this year?  It was all about the stash.  Next year, I want to buy one of the awesome kits that is offered, and I can only do it if I use up some of my stuff!  You guys totally get it, I know that.


With the exception of the Veneer Snowflakes and the Handbook (and contents), everything else was from my stash.  The thing I wanted to use most from my stash was the Thickers.  I really wanted to use up the older ones, and thought misting over them was the perfect way to do so without actually having to use them (I know you guys get that, too). 

I was definitely going for the snowy look. 

As for the rest of my supplies?  Well, last weekend, I went to a scrap retreat at Camp Assiniboia.  I originally registered based on the fact that we got to bunk.  I mean, c’mon.  Talk about bringing back amazing memories of going to camp when I was a kid.  But in all seriousness, I went with a great group of gals and we had a blast.  I didn’t leave the lodge once, the fire was burning all weekend, the food was ah-mazing and all home cooked and the best part?  I got the top bunk!

But back to my DD Supplies.  The organizer of the event is a CTMH rep, and she gave some amazing giveaways to all the ladies.  One of them was an organizer with all kinds of compartments for my goodies.  It saved me going antiquing for a vintage tray, and even has a handle for me to carry my stuff around in!  Pretty perfect.

I will be using a lot of Studio Calico Wonderland in my book, as well as one of my fave lines of all time – October Afternoon’s Holiday Style.  I just want to hoard a million pieces of “City Sidewalk” and frame it for my Christmas Décor.

K I’m done.  Really excited to join all the amazing ladies participating in DD this year and to gather inspiration from each other.  Here’s to keeping this going right to the end and having one fabulous momento to keep after Christmas!


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