Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2013!

Can you believe the new year is here?  And can you believe it’s 2013?  I can’t.  I always enjoy this time of year, because who doesn’t like a good ol’ fashioned fresh start?  I usually re-organize the whole house this week, and my scrap room.  I didn’t bother with the house, since we just moved in 4 months ago and it’s still pretty orgnanized, but my craft room is another story.  Ever since IKEA opened its doors here in Winnipeg, I’ve been planning the renewal of my craft space.  Not a huge overhaul, but I wanted to add another desk space, since I plan on adding an iMac to the room in due time, and wanted to get rid of my themed drawer units.  I got my hot little hands on this puppy on Friday night, and also bought this to sit on top of these drawers that I already had (in silver).  So now I have my cart and my extra desk, and now I just have to get to work finding something to store all of my packages of embelleshments in.  Maybe some wire baskets?  I don’t know.  That’s where I’m stuck right now.

In other news, I’m hosting LOAW over at Studio Calico this month.  Please hop on over to Challenge Central and check it out!  Please do the challenge, so that you can enter your name in for a Studio Calico Gift Certificate!  That means if you participate all 4 weeks, you get 4 ballots!

Here’s my week 1 – Scrap that New Years resolution!

Ever since as long as I can possibly remember, it has been my dream to go to London.  To check out Buckingham Palace, and Hever Castle, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, go to a pub, go to a bookstore with a coffee (the list is really endless).  And FINE, while I’m there, I could probably handle checking out Paris, Scotland, Ireland and Italy.  Fine.  Sure, I could probably squirrel some money aside, but it always ends up being needed somewhere else, right?  So I made myself a Dream Jar, and that will be my New Years Resolution.

Spend no change.  Bills only, and put all remaining change into the dream jar.  Toonies, Loonies, Quarters, Nickles, Dimes, the whole bit.  Pennies Schmennies.  All monies in the jar go towards London, and London only.  There’s no telling when we could find the time to go.  I’d give it probably at least a year, maybe closer to two.  You’d need more time off than usual to go to Europe, so that could get complicated.  But it’s always easy to find reasons not to go when you don’t have the money set aside.  When you do, however, you will find the time.

That’s my challenge.  Scrap your resolution and go ahead and upload it to the Gallery and to this thread for your chance to win!  Here’s mine!


And if you’re not participating in the challenge, tell me what your resolution is!  I want to be inspired 🙂

– T

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Thank you so much for the kind comment you just left on my blog. I don’t really have any resolutions, but I do think I will drink more tea in 2013. 😉

    1. Hey Bronwyn! No, it doesn’t unfortunately. I bought these dividers at ikea called Antonius, and they fit in there with room for my trimmer. I store journaling cards, and die cuts and glassine, etc and it’s great!

  2. i also have a dream change drawer. my mom and i used to save up for my spring break trip when i was in grade school. i found it earlier in the year and have started saving…although i don’t have a goal for it yet.

  3. I absolutely love England, and with your love of the Tudors you will enjoy it even more! I cant wait to go back, but I think we will have another trip to Vegas first!!

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