The Great PL Debate

…and by debate, I mean with myself.

I did P365 in 2010/2011.  And what a year it was to document.  But it was exhausting.  I didn’t get much other scrapbooking done, and what I did get done was a result of forcing it.  So when Project Life started popping up all over the place, this pushover had no trouble whatsoever staying away from it.

Even when Studio Calico announced their new Creative Team and PL kit, I didn’t even give it a thought.

Until now.  Until I thoroughly examined February’s PL kit and thought to myself, “self, how great would it be to receive a box of new goodies every month solely for this project?”.  Because as much as I love using my stash, and I do (truly), there’s nothing like fresh product to spark that creativity.  In other words, I feel as if I did it using solely my stash, I would get bored and it would become a chore again.  But getting that kit every month might just provide me with what I need to love it again.  Plus the stamps.  I’m all about stamping lately.

Look how beautiful it is.

Being that it is completely and totally sold out, I do have some time to think about this.  The cost is reasonable, so it’s not my main concern.  It’s the longevity I worry about.  And the potential waste.

Pro’s:  My space has evolved recently and I have another workspace in my craft room.  Right now, my sewing machine is sitting on it, but I could make it my PL station.  Keep it simple.  Don’t start pulling all sorts of things from my stash, leave everything where it is and keep a spot for the monthly kit.  If I need to go pulling from my stash, than so be it.  I know where everything is.  Also, my Iphone.  It is literally in my hand or right beside me all the live-long day.  This makes it very easy for me to capture all those little moments.  I can print the pictures on my Selphy and badda-bing, badda-boom.  Unlike when I was doing P365 and lugging my camera everywhere.  Another pro?  P365 was a daily project.  The PL weekly spread may just feel like a breeze comparitively speaking.

Con’s:  I worry that I won’t keep it up.  I hate that I’d be starting in March or April.  I would have prefered to have this epiphany in December, so that I could start PL in 2013.

I just needed to talk that out with myself.  I’m giving myself the month to think about it.


5 thoughts on “The Great PL Debate

  1. oh, I feel you on so many levels. I know if I would ever attempt it again, I would have to do a minimal version and keep the more embellished stuff for layouts. BUT, I just don’t feel like my daily or weekly life is that exciting to document=waste to me.
    If my kids were small or I was a young newlywed, I could probably jump in.
    My daily life is cleaning, laundry, dogs, a little scrapping and making dinner. That seems too mundane for me to document regularly, ya know?
    I don’t know…just my opinion and me thinking as well 😉
    It all is tempting, though… 😉

  2. thats why i never started the pl thing. I have worked on my own type of lengthy project(my Moms sewing portfolio) took me over a year, cause it gets stale.I know studio looks so inviting, who wouldn’t want to, heck i could even document the neighbors life just for the product.Should it be about the product? i know its an uplifter, that wonderful product, and if you do it will be just fab tara, sooo when did you make this turn to stamping, you have needed to come over to my side for forever already, welcome i think you will fit in just fiine! You probably will, cause there was alot of pros, just hope you will have time to do other projects thru the year to have some fun along the way.Not that documenting YOUR life would ever get stale, are ukidding? NOT! Aslong as i see you along the way of your process and maybe even a day honuring Brat would really be something to think about. maybe another impromptu meeting in Tullum would really be a week to doc.haha love ya Brat, (but i’m sure you guessed that already!) it just keeps giving me all this space to write, awesome, hahahaha

  3. My weekly life is pretty boring especially as an empty nester. But PL so far is helping me plan things during the week so I have something to scrap. Except if you get sick

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