I Can and I Will

Spent some time last week with the Studio Calico Neverland Kit (March).  For you subbers out there, ever feel like the kits you love the most, stump you the most?  And the kits you feel “meh” about, you end up rocking?  That happens to me all the time.  I love this kit.  Like, more than I’ve loved a lot of kits.  But I’ve only managed to squeak out one layout with it (not to mention the two add-ons I also purchased).  It happened to me with Daydream Believer, too.  Loved it.  Couldn’t work with it.  I think it’s the fear of cutting into something you love so much, particularily when you feel each item compliments the other so well.  I will say, I loved the inclusion of mists and masks in this kit.  Talk about mixing it up!  It was the sole reason I was extra motivated to open that box up and get right to work.  That’s exactly what I want in a kit club!  I understand it can’t happen that way every month, but March was extra special for that reason.  Here’s the one layout I popped out:


What will I do with the rest?  Well, hopefully more layouts.  I also have put it aside to use in the “This is Me” class with Lexi Bridges   I will be starting on April 1st, in addition to the bonus class kit.  I’ve started to really lean away from having a huge stash of things in my craft room, and keep only what’s current and what I truly love.  Or what I’m hoarding.  Let’s be honest, I’m never giving away those old Love, Elsie or Heidi Swapp products. 

Last weekend, my Aunt, Cousin and I had a bit of a Pinterest Craft Party 🙂  Using this pin as our inspo, we all created something that suited our personalities perfectly.  I like to think of that night as more of the “practice night”, because I tend to get things done better on the second try, rather than the first.  I liked what I made the first night, but once I started brainstorming, I came up with something I really loved.  It’s meant for my craft room, and will serve to remind me of the things I can and will accomplish 🙂

Can and Will

Can’t get enough of stripes.  I need more of them in my life.

Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “I Can and I Will

  1. Love this Tara. How cool to have a Pinterest party with the family ladies. Love your creation. I think you need to show us the first one too 🙂

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