One Little Word | 2014

This is a project that I look at every year, but have never jumped in with. Why? I’ve never felt all that connected to a word. This year, I was driving home from work one day, stuck in traffic, and frustrated with myself yet again for not following through on the things I want in my life. I have goals in Personal Fitness and Nutrition, in Scrapbooking, for things at home and at work, for this blog even. So many goals. So many EASY goals. But I am a champion procrastinator, and it seems my motto in life is ” why do it now, if it can be done tomorrow?”. I want to change that about myself.

So, I signed up. My word is GOALS, and I am loving it. Ali is so low-key. The workshop itself is so low-key. I love that aspect, because as a scrapbooker, it’s important that it doesn’t feel like yet another project. We all have enough of those on the go. Once a month, we get prompts, and have all month to complete them. They are really thought-provoking, and have challenged me to look at why I procrastinate. I think the answer to that is the fear of success (or more specifically, sustaining it once I achieve it). Silly, right?

I’m not sure yet if I will share my book. It’s kind of personal, you know? But at the same time, there’s the creative aspect that I enjoy, so I’ll just roll with it and share if I feel so inclined.

For those of you who are feeling like there’s something in life that needs focus, consider One Little Word for yourself.


2 thoughts on “One Little Word | 2014

  1. This sounds great, Tara! I have chosen a word in the past (but never done a workshop on it), but haven’t done so for a few years. This year, though, I picked one — kin of like you, it just seemed to fit. Mine is “care.” I need to take better care of myself: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. It’s been good so far….

  2. We can all be so hard on ourselves, especially as women. Goals sounds right for you, however based on what you’ve written here. I hope to jump in, but nervous that I won’t make the time to fit it in. Still kinda feel like I’m on the hampster wheel just spinning away. As you know I have a word, we’ll see if it make itself “real” in my life in 2014.

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