100 Days of Health

I talked about One Little Word in my last post, and so it begs the obvious question. How are you going to meet these goals? What’s your plan?

Fitness and Nutrition being the biggest goal, I have to keep my typical self in mind. Knowing what works for me, and what doesn’t. Doing things that are extreme? Don’t work. They do for awhile, but it’s really hard to eat a different meal than the rest of your family for longer than a week. In December, two of my colleagues presented the idea that the rest of us join them on the 100 Days of Health program. There are two ways to do it, really. One is hardcore. No alcohol, no dairy, no bread and no sugar. For 100 days. The other way is just no-alcohol. I decided to meet in the middle. I can easily give up alcohol for 100 days (but will mourn this rule on Bachelor Monday’s with my girlfriends). I don’t consume that much dairy anyway. I like milk in my tea and cheese here and there. I have to force yogurt down, so staying away from that won’t be a problem. But bread and sugar? Now that will be very difficult. Bread is my ultimate weakness. Luckily there is an alternative called “squirrely bread” that is allowed on the program. Has anyone tried this? It’s probably not good, but I’ll try anything. Sugar is in everything, of course, so the goal is to keep it around 15mg of consumption per day.

The 100 Days of Health program starts off with the Wild Rose Cleanse, so that is where I am at right now. The cleanse is a little more strict, but knowing it’s only 12 days is getting me through it, and I know the rest of the 100 days will feel like a breeze comparitively speaking!

What I have already learned | My procrastination isn’t just about fear. It’s about energy. I’ve learnt that because I’ve had so much more of it since I started last Monday. It’s really made me realize how terrible I was eating. Talk about overindulging. Adding veggies to my diet by way of smoothies and salads at lunch have really changed the way I feel in the evenings. And that 3 o’clock wall I’d usually hit in the afternoon? Haven’t seen her in weeks.

I already feel so much better.


note: I’d like to thank Pinterest, for always having the perfect image to convey my feelings.

4 thoughts on “100 Days of Health

  1. I just love your positive, hopeful, cheery outlook on life my friend. Those who know you know how passionate you are about the things that matter most. In this case, we get to play a big part in cheering you on to an even better, stronger, healthier you. You go girl, you got this. And thanks for the introduction to Jugo Juice 🙂

  2. That’s awesome, Tara! I gave up sugar two years ago and don’t really miss it (okay, around all of the Christmas baking, I did, but having more energy and feeling better about myself is definitely worth it.) This year, I gave up deep-fried foods and white flour (but for the first six weeks, I’m giving up all flour and will reintroduce whole wheat flour in Feb.) I’m also cutting back on how much I eat after supper, and am only allowing myself to do this once a week. It’s been challenging, but I know it will be worth it! When are the 100 days done? In the middle of April, I’m guessing….

    1. Wow Leigh, that is impressive! When you say you gave it up, do you mean completely? I’m interested in how you did this, because sugar seems to be in EVERYTHING! Things I wouldn’t even think have sugar, do. Kudos to you my friend, that must have been really hard. Giving up deep fried foods is another amazing accomplishment. I am definitely not touching those for now, and we’ll see how I feel after that. You are correct, the 100 days of health ends on April 16th! Thanks for your supportive words. Will I be seeing you on February 1st?

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