Reminiscing about Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. And funnily enough, when I took this picture, I distinctly remember telling myself to remember and appreciate this moment, because pretty soon it would be the dead of winter. And dead of winter it is. I’m not big on internet complaining, but I think I’ve done my fair share this year about the weather we are experiencing. In fact, most of us are experiencing some uncomfortably cold weather to a varying degree wherever we are (#polarvortex). The truth is, this is the coldest winter I have ever experienced in my 31 years. And being that I live smack dab in the centre of Canadian Prairies? Well that’s saying something. Last year was the LONGEST. This year is the COLDEST. We usually don’t see temps south of -30 until January, and when it comes to the -40’s and -50’s, it’s usually no more than 5-7 days out of the entire winter season. We started seeing those extreme temperatures in December, and they have just not. let. up.

Suffice it to say, this non-internet complaining, generally cheery person is even finding it difficult to stay positive. This city doesn’t shut down for nothing. In fact, the threshold for city schools to close because of weather is -51. Don’t ask me how they came up with that number. The kids don’t go out for recess, but they are expected to show up. The school buses won’t run when it’s that cold, only adding to the parents load in the morning, because now they have to add “drive kid to school” to the list before they head off to their jobs.

Spring will be welcomed around these parts with open arms. And so help me, the first person I hear complaining about how hot it is here in the summer is getting throat punched. KIDDING. I saw that line on Pinterest and I literally laughed out loud. Because that is so typical of our city. Extreme cold (commence complaining), extreme heat (“WHY does it get SO HOT here). For real. That happens.

So when I found this picture lying around, I beelined straight for some of the Basic Grey Persimmon Line I had been hoarding for the perfect use. I had pulled them out a time or two before, but it just didn’t feel sufficient for the beautiful-ness that are these products. Hope I did them justice. It felt good to look at that picture, remember that beautiful moment and scrapbook about it.

Fall Walk

Thanks for looking!

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