Five on Friday

I like bandwagons. So I’m going to jump on this one. Five things of note for this Friday:

1) Even though it’s actually Thursday evening as I draft this post, I’m pretending it’s Friday, so I can proclaim “9 HOURS UNTIL JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!”. Since JT skipped our city for this leg of his tour (rude, right?), my girlfriends and I are hopping on a bus tour to the bustling metropolis of Fargo, ND, where we have sweet seats for Justin Timberlake’s show tonight. The bus comes right home after, which is really great for me, so I can be home in the morning. It’s a 3 hour drive, not too bad. Especially when you’re on a bus with your girlfriends.

NOTE TO SELF: do not lose your passport

2) Speaking of girlfriends – Group texts are the best. Always hilarious. Always supportive. Always awesome. Especially on Bachelor Monday.

3) My dog needs a haircut in the WORST WAY. We avoided it for awhile this winter due to extreme cold temps, but we can’t wait any longer, so he’s going on Saturday. I have a feeling we’re going to get a lot more use out of his coat after this. Why yes, my dog has a coat.


4) Even though I already shared it on every social media platform available, I have to share here too: Two weeks ago, my Stepdaughter was named the CTV Sports Star of the Week. You can check out her interview here. How beautiful does she look??

5) Currently, this is me, and it’s gotta change.


Adding a 6) I am so conflicted about the Games. I LOVE the Olympics. But l’m not thrilled about the news reports out of Sochi this last few months and especially these last few days. I think it’s unfair, though, to take away from the glory of the athletes that have worked their asses off to get there, so I’m gonna be supporting Team Canada loud and proud.

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. – JT tonight? You are such a big kid at heart! Love it!
    -Awwwww, Jake!!
    -Shyan rocks…WTG on the spotlight, kid!!
    -And all that sketch needs ( which, BTW, made me laugh, real loud ) is some long, blonde hair, and an empty tea cup on the bedside table! -wink


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