Five on Friday

Back with another installment of Five on Friday!

1) The Olympics have been over for a few weeks now, and I am just coming back to life. For awhile there, I just stared blankly at the TV like they would just magically appear again.

2) My dog got his haircut and is pretty much bald. To say he is having adjustment issues with the cold would be an understatement.

3) I’ve spent the last couple of weeks putting together a planner for the creative side of my life, and I’ll be blogging more about that on Monday. Trying to contain everything in my head without this planner has had me feeling like this lately, and the planner is a direct result of that feeling.


4) I bought myself some tulips from the grocery store the other day, because that will make Spring come, right? Another week, another bitterly cold forecast. We topped the scales at something like -51 last Friday night. What is the DEAL, #polarvortex? What did we ever do to you? In all seriousness, I read an article last week that said Winnipeg typically experiences around thirty days that are -30 or colder. This winter, we have already experienced 72 of those days. Truly a winter like no other.


5) If you haven’t signed up for Color Studio, you should probably just march right on over to the shop and check it out. We’ve just finished the first week, and it’s been amazing. It’s never too late to sign up, and you have forever access to the class (in case you don’t quite have the time right this second to participate). If you’re a Studio Calico Rewards Subscriber, you’ll get 25% off too 😉

Happy Friday!

One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. Finally catching up on my blog reading!!!

    I feel ya in the “sick of our winter” department…it’s just ridiculous already and such a bummer.

    Hopefully those spring tulips you bought re-instated your faith that Spring WILL get here, eventually…especailly after a nicer, warmer day yesterday…snow was melting, lovely sight!

    And just a quick side note regarding you last two posts ( too lazy to go back and comment on each of them…aaaahahahhaaahahaha!! )
    …love your Creative Scrappers layout for the recent sketch, totally love that picture! I will see if I can get my gears going again to play along this time too!

    …and your nicely stashed dream jar…WAY TO GO!!! I think the key to success so far was to keep doing what you’re doing and don’t bring it home!! ( hands off J!!! )


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