Day Planner Saga

Probably this post should have been named #firstworldproblems.

Those who know me well can attest to my love of planning and organizing. Every winter, I’ve delighted in picking a new planner that I’m going to use for the upcoming year, creating labels for any pre-scheduled activities (with pictures, obviously) and getting all ready so that on January 1st, I can officially open it up for business.

That is, until I got an iPhone. It became increasingly inconvenient to have a paper planner, when everything was in my iPhone calendar. Being that this device is in my hand or right beside me all the live-long-day, it was highly unlikely that I would bypass this to go over to my purse in the evenings and open up a paper planner. “But self, you love paper!”, I would argue with myself. (in case you’re wondering, yes I do know how ridiculous I sound).

Then the filofax rage began, and I decided to buy one. Because of all of the above. I was going to fight the urge to use my iPhone calendar and stick with paper. I purchased printables from the talented and uber-organized Marcy Penner and printed and cut until my heart was content. And then it sat on my desk. Because again, in this fast paced life, it doesn’t make sense for me to use a paper planner. I am on the go constantly, it’s just not going to work for me.

Solution: I’ve re-embraced my iPhone calendar for life planning. It’s really the only way for me. All appointments, dance classes, hockey games, reminders and events stay in there. But I decided creative planning was really what was lacking in my life, and holding me back from some of the things I want to accomplish. And there the idea of my creative planner was born.

I bought this beautiful Russell & Hazel mini binder from Tiny Feast originally to use for OLW. But after I decided to switch to full size 8.5×11 for that, I had this gorgeous gold mini binder sitting there, unused. Neglected.

I definitely had a few must-have categories, like Project Life Planning, Layout Planning and Blog Ideas/Scheduling. I also knew I wanted to keep track of online shopping, and meal planning. I realize that last one doesn’t exactly fall under the category of “creative planning”, but it is something I write down once a week, so I needed to make a divider for that. Neither does online shopping really, but lets face it, most of what I buy online is for creative purposes 🙂

So here’s a little of what I came up with. I only have a few pictures, because it’s not quite complete yet.


First Page

Tiny Feast has a beautiful rainbow of these little Paperway Notebooks, but I was most drawn to the pink. I removed the cover to add the “notes and ideas” title. This is where I write down all my ideas. Currently the ideas I have in there are mostly related to the craft room move, the new guest room and most importantly, my IKEA shopping list for said guest room. I house this little notebook in an almost-perfectly sized ziplock bag.

Page 2

The plan for this section is to add inspiring quotes, images, color combo’s, you name it, as I come across them. I can already see this is going to take some effort, because most of my inspo is carefully organized into categories in my Pinterest board, but I want to be intentional about a little cutting and pasting once in awhile.


Love these planner pages. If I use a different Page Protector Style, I just use correction tape and a pencil to draw new lines. Easy peasy.

I will definitely be updating with more pics soon!

How do you organize the creative side of your life (if at all)?

Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Day Planner Saga

  1. Love it, Tara! I need to do something like this. I end up sketching stuff out on random scraps of paper and then lose them. : )

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