Creative Scrappers Sketch 268

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mama’s out there, but especially MINE! ❤

Here we go with Sketch 268 – my second last sketch! Waaaaaaah! 😦

A couple of things about how my layout came together for this sketch.

A) I’ve been buying 6×6 paper pads lately. I’ve never been much into 6×6 pads before, but as my style evolves and my desire for LESS STUFF grows stronger, I realize I don’t need 12×12 sheets of absolutely everything. These pads still inevitably create waste, since I tend to move on from collections fairly quickly, but it’s more manageable for me this way;

B) I had this KP Mon Ami Collection sitting there itching to be used;

C) I had this funny conversation with my husband about how instead of going to Vegas this summer, maybe perhaps we should just go to Paris. FINE, WE WILL GO TO PARIS. IF YOU INSIST. It’s kind of how it went. It’s probably not going to happen, as a few key factors have changed (one of them being that my husbands vacay schedule got moved around), but it was fun to dream for about a week there, and I wanted to document our moment of spontenaity. Cause I’m pretty spontaneous, but my dear husband is not. So I was all like, “do you have a fever, boy???”.

Anyway, here’s my layout.

Tara CS #268

I hope you’ll play along with this week’s sketch! Doing so could get you a kit from this months sponsor, My Creative Scrapbook, so let’s see what you come up with!

Check out the full reveal here.

Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Creative Scrappers Sketch 268

  1. very Cute Tara! I agree about the 6×6 paper pads… I move on from collections pretty quickly too. Hope you make it to Paris…

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