“Something Different” Favorite Scrappers Blog Hop!

Good morning everyone!

I haven’t been around on the blog lately (blame summer), but my sweet friend Suz Mannecke kicked my butt back into gear when she nominated me as one of her favorite scrappers last week. Isn’t that sweet? I can’t say how long I’ve “known” Suz (virtually, but hopefully someday in real life!), but it’s been quite awhile. She has always been one of the kindest gals I have had the pleasure of getting to know. She always takes the time to leave a positive and supportive comment on anything I post, which I always appreciate. Her scrapping talent is off the charts and I admire her in many, many ways. I’m pretty sure we’d be scrappin’ besties if we lived in the same town, is what I’m sayin’. I can usually spot one of her pages a mile away, she has a fun, detailed and quirky style that is all her own. So go check her out and give her some love.

A few questions I have been tasked to answer:

Q: What are you working on right now?

I just started my first layout in almost two months. Summer has stolen all the memory-keeping time, but the good news is I have a whole batch of new memories to scrap about! People in my city might throw rocks at me for this, but I’m actually not too upset about summer winding down in the next few weeks. I’ve had a great one, but I’m ready for fall, routine and cozy days in my craft room with a cup of tea.

Speaking of, that’s the other thing I’m working on. My craft room. I moved it down to the main level a few months ago. There are so many pros… being on the main level with the fam, not having to run up and down a flight of stairs whenever I need something, the list goes on. The only con is that I took a real hit space-wise down there. So with the help of Marcy’s workspace class, I’ve been purging and reorganizing to make the space more manageable and clutter-free.

I did manage to start working on my mini album for NYC this week!


Q: How long does it take me to create a project?

Too long. A layout usually takes me a minimum of 2 hours. Sometimes I walk away for a few days to clear my head if I’m not quite happy with it. The creative process is a very slow, methodical one for me.

Q: What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

My Studio Calico kits, first and foremost. Because a) they’re awesome and b) they’re delivered to me, so I get what I get. Honestly, when I go shopping at an LSS, I buy way too much. My eye sees something pretty and I buy it, and then it sits there glaring back at me, unused for months. Seriously, these kits are actually saving me money. I also love creating with unique prints and art that I find on Etsy. I love finding little things that aren’t necessarily made for the masses of the scrapbook consumer and using it on my projects.

Q: How does my writing/creating process work?

It usually takes a bit to get me down to work, what with running a household and a full time job (which many of you can all attest to, I know), but when I do, I zone out to the sound of “Friends” on in the background. I usually go through my supplies, particularily my Paper and Embelleshments, pull my faves and go from there. The supplies usually dictate which picture I use, so the actual theme of the layout is typically the last thing I decide on. If I’m writing, I have a much easier time getting out my thoughts and feelings accurately if I’m typing, as opposed to handwriting, so I’ll spend some time in front of the computer with a candle burning and a cup of tea.

Q: How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

Actually, is there such thing as too much inspiration? I was thinking about this on my way home from work yesterday. In trying to decide how I was going to spend my evening, knowing it was going to be spent creatively, I had at my fingers a multitude of avenues of inspo. I am currently enrolled in both Marcy’s Workspace Class and Mini Album Class (among many other past classes at SC). I am enrolled in Amy Tan and KP’s Here & There class at Big Picture Classes. There’s the Studio Calico Boards, Member Gallery and Creative Team Gallery, there’s One Little Word (I’d link it, but Ali’s site is still down as I write this) and let’s not forget Pinterest. It’s actually overstimulating – I don’t know which way to look most days for which direction I’m going to take.

The moral of the story is that I need to do a better job of managing what I take on. And I should probably stick to classes that are offered in the fall & winter.

Q: What is my signature style:

This is always a hard question to answer. Like Suz, my style is always evolving. I used to torture myself trying to find “my style”. I laugh at that former version of myself, because I now know I’m unlikely to ever really find it. As mentioned above, there is just so much inspiration out there to be taken in. Every new project is inspired from some new place, and it always brings out something new in me. And I’m completely and totally happy with that. I’m just gonna make what I wanna make and like what I wanna like. But at the moment, I’m big into typography, black and white patterns, pops of color, keeping it feminine and all grids all the time.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Now, onto my nomination!

I nominated Magdalena Stigson as one of my favorite scrappers. Her edgy style is unmatched, and I love seeing her work pop on the gallery. Every layout she posts gets better and better, and I love her style! Go check her out and leave her some love!

4 thoughts on ““Something Different” Favorite Scrappers Blog Hop!

  1. You are the sweetest Tara! I cannot wait to see your NYC pics and your album come together! You are inspiring me to get to work on mine. 😉 Have the best time in the Big Apple! Thanks again for contributing to the hop my friend!

  2. Thanks Suz! Your comment led me to come back here and I realized my edits this morning did not work – you probably thought, “where is her nomination”? LOL! Can’t wait to see your NY mini 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing! I too took on too many classes this summer–figure I will go through them this fall and winter.

  4. Thank you so much! I was thrilled to recieve your e-mail. I’m a huge fan of yours as well which makes it even more fun to be nominated!

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