Everyday Life, Documented

Good morning blog readers!

I am up with my very first blog post as a Creative Team member at Come on Get Crafty with Everyday Life, Documented!

I started Project Life out in 2013 and have always done 12×12, but in 2015 I decided it was time to change it up and switch to 6×8.  I wanted a simpler approach, but I also wanted to document differently.  Rather than trying to fill as huge spread with everything my family said or did on any particular week, I wanted to tell more pointed stories and I wanted to include more about myself.  Kind of like a diary, without the lock and key ;).  One that includes my family, but is more from my narrative.  Talking more about how they fit into MY everyday life.  At first I wondered if this was selfish, and then I remembered what the whole point of documenting was (for me).  I want to tell stories.  I want my family 100 years from now to be able to read what was going on in my life, from my perspective, and all the people in it.

Here’s what I had going on this week… let’s just say it could have started out better!



I am really looking forward to capturing more of my daily life with this method, and I’d really love to see how you’re approaching documenting your Everyday Life!
Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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