all of the things.


Fave recent acquisitions include the Get to Work Book (more thoughts on that to come), my cherished Fishs Eddy Notebook Mug, Illume Triple Milled Bar Soap in Coconut Milk Mango, and that beautiful Rifle Paper Co. Travel Journal.  You can file that travel journal under things I don’t need any more of, but try and stop me from buying something as beautiful as that paper specimen.  Anna Bond can do no wrong #amirite. I think it needs to live in my Carry On bag, so I can summarize my short business trips, and longer personal vacations with a quick picture and a bit of journaling.

Onto the Get to Work Book.  I used to be a planner girl.  Every summer, I’d buy what was going to be my crutch for the next year.  Coloured pens and highlighters were my friends (ok, still are).  Until technology came along, that is.  I got my first iPhone right around the time the planner craze started among scrapbookers, and yet I slowly felt paper planning slip through the cracks (for me).  I tried everything to stop it.  Erin Condren, Midori TN, Russel & Hazel, Kate Spade, even the handy and well designed Target planners.  But inevitably, it meant duplicating all my plans onto paper and it just wasn’t sustainable.  Technology won that fight.  So when Elise started marketing the Get to Work Book, I was intrigued – but then again, wasn’t I always?  I held off for awhile to really think about it and assess what my needs were.  Planning my daily activities was not a need for me.  But actually following through on all the 3758465725 things I want to do with my life?  DING DING DING!

I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of girl.  Oh, I only have 20 minutes to pick up around the house?  Might as well not even bother since I don’t have 4 hours to clean it top to bottom.  All those plans I have for the backyard?  I better be able to accomplish them all in one day, or I might as well not even start.  That is a special kind of crazy.  As I started to read more about the GTWB, I could see that it really gave way for breaking things down.  One of my favourite features is the three action items per week.  That speaks to me.  At first thought, perhaps one each of work, home and creative.  But things change and every week is different and since I love procrastinating so much, I have no doubt that there will be weeks where it is all about one of those things.  Speaking of my love for procrastinating, my GTWB is opened to that page for a reason.  Cause that seems to be the hardest part of everything for me.  I feel like this book is going to be like therapy.  The kind that tells you to get off your ass, stop thinking and just do it already.  I NEED THAT.

You know what else I love?  It’s sturdy.  That thing is prepared to be used and abused (all the heart eyes emoji’s for all that grid paper).  And the perforated art prints are pretty darn genius.  The design is so classic, I’m just really so very happy with it.  This book will not serve as a planner for me, in fact I expect the monthly spreads to be rather underused, but will serve as a home base for me for all the things I want in my life (most of which I have no idea about btw).  A monday morning meeting, if you will.  I can’t wait to start checking things off!

– Tara

One thought on “all of the things.

  1. I’m a sucker for any type of planner. I’ve also tried the Kate Spade, the Filofax, and the Day Designer, but I couldn’t get on board with the bulkiness. Right now I’m trying out the Passion Planner and I’m enjoying it. Glad to hear you found a planner that works for you!

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