Kellie Stamps DT

Kellie Stamps DT
Good morning!

I’ve been really excited about this piece of news. It really is the perfect fit. This goes back to me saying yes to things that work for me and (finally) saying no thank you to things I know will cause me stress and anxiety. This is one of those things that work for me. Kellie is such a lovely, warm and welcoming person, and I’m so looking forward to working with her beautiful stamps! Not to mention, check out this lineup:


Kellie Winnell | Nathalie Elphinstone | Tracey Holdyk | Lily Lane | Emma Speller | Michelle De Leon | Jessica Upton | Kari Stiles

Looking forward to a great couple of months with these ladies. Follow me on Instagram, where you’ll find the majority of my sneaks and project posts in the coming weeks and months. My handle is @taraelias

– Tara